Craig Conover Says He Felt Falsely Portrayed In Bourbon Drama On ‘Southern Charm’

Craig Conover has turned his attitude around from last year. On the previous season of Southern Charm, he was struggling to get motivated to take his bar exam, and he really had to push himself to get through law school. While Craig still wants to take the bar exam at some point, he’s now focusing on working with his co-star and helping him out with a hotel and bourbon business. On Monday’s episode of the show, Conover felt he was being falsely portrayed, as he felt that he was being left out of the bourbon business.

According to a new tweet, Craig Conover decided to share his feelings about the episode, sharing that people mistook his motivation for hardcore jealousy and desperation. But it sounds like Craig just wanted to be fair. He wanted to be fair in terms of his business ventures and be fair when it comes to Kathryn Dennis.

“We’ve all been to a mountain weekend with a fraternity brother we didn’t like right? I mean I always still had fun #SouthernCharm,” Craig Conover revealed in response to Kathryn Dennis not being invited to a weekend away.

For my Dad who's had two open heart surgeries and still kicking @americanheartsc #chsheartball @naomie_olindo

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And Kathryn appears to be thankful for Conover’s friendship, writing, “you are correct, sir.”

“You two are cracking me up. Glad to see your friendship is nothing other than easy simple and funny,” one person wrote to Craig Conover, who replied with, “it’s the best way. Life is simple. Have fun.”

And while Conover was very supportive of Kathryn, people were not so supportive of him when he went to the bourbon tasting. JD kept saying that the bourbon business was a family business, and he was starting it to celebrate his grandfather, who was a huge lover of bourbon. But Craig has a different story. People don’t see everything that happens behind the scenes and it sounds like he may have something invested in the business as well.

“I already ran the hotel from ground to completion. I wanted to come onboard as equals w/ JD on Gentry Bourbon too. Nothing wrong w/ambition,” Conover revealed as the episode of Southern Charm aired, which prompted a viewer to ask, “Do you feel like you were portrayed correctly last night? Seems like you are made to be the kid who thinks he is owed everything.”

And Craig wasn’t too happy with the way he was portrayed. Whether he was disappointed in his own behavior or in the editing is unknown, but he clearly didn’t see himself in the person who appeared on Monday’s episode of Southern Charm.

“Haha no. But I guess u cant win them all. It’s middle of season they needed to bring me (down) a little,” Craig revealed, adding later, “I bought into Gentry Bourbon so therefore am a co-owner & partner. I chose to work as an employee for additional salary #SouthernCharm. I got in at the very, very beginning. This is months of footage.”

It is possible that Craig Conover got involved in the bourbon business from the very beginning, but is being kept at a distance because JD wants to keep it in his family. But that doesn’t mean Craig can work for him and help out where necessary. Maybe JD just wants to ensure that the bourbon stays in his name and won’t be crossed with the Conover name – or perhaps a dual partnership.

What do you think of Craig Conover on this season of Southern Charm? Do you think he appeared to be very ungrateful or do you think it was just a misunderstanding because he’s just working hard on the project?

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