October 19, 2016
'Bates Motel' Spoilers: Nothing Will Prepare You For What Happens On The Season Finale

Bates Motel ended with a huge cliffhanger -- Norman tried to kill his mother, Norma. We all knew it was coming, yet when it happened, the fans were shocked, angry, and emotional.

The plan was that Norman and Norma would die together in a tragic murder/suicide. He realized they had done so much damage to each other that they could never repair themselves. The only way to actually fix the horrible situation was through death. As horrible and morbid as it is, Norman didn't mean to hurt his mother. In his twisted mind, he was helping her and freeing her from all the pain and suffering.

A&E released the Bates Motel season finale preview, and it teases big action is underway, including an epic showdown between Norman and Alex Romero.

The preview exclaims, "You won't believe what happens next."

Bates Motel spoilers revealed that next week's episode will pick up right when Episode 9 left off. Norma is presumably dead, but neither the showrunners nor actors have confirmed her death just yet.

Bates Motel executive producer, Kerry Ehrin stated, "The final episode will be serious, emotional, and at times, funny."

"I could tell you that it picks up right where episode nine leaves off. It answers a lot of questions that you might have coming out of nine. If you're coming out of nine wondering, 'Oh my God, did I just see that, is that for real, did that just happen,' episode 10 answers those questions."

Norma has always told Norman that as long they are together, nothing bad will happen to them. It may be a challenge for Norman to stay out of trouble with his mother out of the picture. Norman thinks about how dark his life will be without Norma in his life. The Bates Motel spoilers preview clip shows the teenager remembering his actions that led to Norma's accident. It's apparent he will feel responsible and could end up lashing out at Alex, the one who saved his life.

Before Norman tried to kill Norma and then himself, Alex felt he was a danger to himself and his family. Norma was adamant that Norman would never hurt her. Her reason was they came from the same body. Thus, he wouldn't be able to hurt her. She had no idea how far downward Norman had slipped when he planned to kill them both that night, reports the Bates Motel spoilers.

"The last scene doesn't have anything to do with Romero. There's that moment of self-awareness when he looked at himself in the mirror and puts on the robe and sees how broken they are. He feels this is the only way they can truly be happy together."

After Alex had rescued them from the carbon monoxide filled room, he realized he was unable to save Norma. He held her and cried. Norman hasn't realized yet that he was the one who did this and seems confused. The police arrive and take Norman to the hospital to get checked out. Alex vows to find out what happened that night and makes the threat if Norman did this, he will pay for it.

The Bates Motel spoilers indicate that Alex suspects right away that Norman deliberately killed her. When Norman returns home after being cleared at the hospital, he remembers closing the vents in an attempt to kill them both. His grief overcomes him, and he feels terrible for his actions.

"I can't be in a world without you in it, Mother. I am happiest being with you."

The Bates Motel spoilers tease that Alex and Norman will have an epic showdown, and one of them may not make it out alive. Vine Report teased that another person could die during the highly anticipated season finale. For quite some time, the audience has speculated that Emma may end up dying towards the end of the season. It seems much more likely the death will be Norma when they officially reveal that she is dead.

Are you excited about the Bates Motel season finale? Do you think Norma's really dead? Voice your opinion about Bates Motel in the comments section below, and come back later for more spoilers, news, and updates.

[Image via A&E]