‘Alaskan Bush People’ Make It Sound Like They Are Going To Jail, But That Is Not The Case

On the new season of Alaskan Bush People, they are not shying away from talking about the legal issues that are going on for the Brown family. On the premiere of Alaskan Bush People, it did sound like Billy and Josh Brown would both be going to jail. This is because they kept the money that they were given for living in Alaska, while they were allegedly not living there. The Brown family doesn’t admit that they did anything wrong, but then they took a deal to keep the rest of the family from being in trouble. Radar Online is now sharing that they are not going to jail at all.

Billy and Bam Bam were actually sentenced to 30 days in jail, but the two men from Alaskan Bush People will not end up being in jail at all. Instead, they are doing electronic monitoring. They went in on April 15 and the two fan favorites from Alaskan Bush People now have ankle bracelets. They did not spend one night behind bars and instead are at home, living their lives and probably even filming Alaskan Bush People while they serve their time.

The father and son from Alaskan Bush People also have to do two other things during this month. They will have to go in at least once a week for a urine test and report to a probation officer. There are also a few smaller rules for Bam Bam and Billy of Alaskan Bush People. They will be required to have a landline and they can’t have alcohol in their home at all. They also can’t harbor weapons.

This would make it kind of hard to live the way that the Alaskan Bush People usually do. They would not have a landline out in the bush. It is unknown what they have changed or what they are doing to make this work. On May 15, they will be totally done with their sentence and these rules will no longer apply to them. The court records say that they stole $27,000 from the government and they have to pay back $22,000 in judgments and fines.

Alaska Dispatch News shared that Billy Brown is speaking out about how he would never cheat Alaska out of money. On the recent episode of Alaskan Bush People, Billy shared his thoughts.

“When we received the letter accusing my family and I of illegally getting our dividends from Alaska, my heart broke. … Alaska to us was a salvation. It laid out in front of us a freedom that we had dreamed of. It was only a dream until we set foot into this country. Alaska gave us all of that. I would never cheat Alaska.”

Billy Brown shared that they did travel back and forth to the lower 48 states, but they didn’t live there. He said that they have ferry or plane tickets to show them. That was the reason that they were not able to prove that they were innocent. The Browns took a deal and moved on with their lives. They will not even spend any time in jail at all because of it.

Are you shocked to hear that Bam Bam and Billy Brown of Alaskan Bush People didn’t have to spend time in jail? Do you think that they got off easy? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Alaskan Bush People on Friday nights on Discovery.

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