Stephanie Hollman On Brandi’s Marriage Troubles: ‘There Was Nothing I Could Do To Fix It’

Stephanie Hollman is close friends with Brandi Redmond, and they usually hang out when their husbands are at work. They are close and were friends before they started filming The Real Housewives of Dallas together. And while Stephanie celebrated her anniversary on the show Monday night, Brandi had some marital problems. It’s no secret that Brandi’s husband is working hard to make lots of money, but when he is at home with his wife and children, he doesn’t seem too interested in being there.

According to a new Bravo report, Stephanie Hollman is now revealing that her heart was breaking for her friend, who was clearly upset with her husband, Bryan. Stephanie had no problem with her husband grabbing a drink with Brandi’s husband, but Redmond was disappointed because she really wanted her husband at home, so he could meet her extended family. When the men walked into the home, he was clearly drunk, and he practically ignored his wife. Now, Stephanie is sharing her thoughts on her friend’s troubled marriage.

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“We were waiting on Bryan and I just wanted them to get there as fast as they could. When they arrived, I realized that they had had a some drinks. I felt uncomfortable and awkward. I wanted the experience to be an amazing family memory for Brandi. I could tell that Brandi was hurting and felt awkward in the situation. It was like watching a slow motion car crash and there was nothing I could do to fix it,” Stephanie Hollman revealed, sharing that her heart is breaking for her friend.

Of course, Brandi’s marriage troubles started a few episodes ago, when the girls went to a strip club. According to Radar Online, Hollman went with her friend to the club, and Redmond got on stage to dance with the guys at the club. While Stephanie behaved, her friend told her husband about what happened, and she admitted that he was hurt and shocked. They didn’t really talk for weeks.

And while her friend’s marriage troubles played out on The Real Housewives of Dallas, Stephanie Hollman showed viewers how she and her husband, Travis, celebrate their anniversary. The two have been married for seven years, and they got someone to watch their kids as they rolled up to the jewelry store in style.

“Travis and I work very hard at our relationship. He is an amazing man! He is a good listener and helps me put things into perspective. I love that about him. Telling Travis about the insanity the night before was therapeutic for me. I always feel protected and safe with him and that’s what I needed. I felt loved and acceptance at that moment,” Stephanie Hollman explains of her own marriage, sharing that she was thrilled with her husband’s anniversary plans.

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And it sounds like he’s very good at creating memories for the family, including adding stories, pictures, and feelings to every experience.

“Travis is quite the sentimental romantic. He loves making memories and doing things that bring us closer together. We love looking back at pictures of special moments and telling our stories to our sons,” Hollman explains of her husband, sharing examples of how they have celebrated things in the past.

These days, Brandi is still married to her husband, but it sounds like things haven’t really changed too much. It sounds like she’s thankful to have a friend like Stephanie, who is willing to listen to her troubles and her frustrations. Hopefully, they can work things out when the show is on a hiatus, as they do have young children.

What do you think of Stephanie Hollman’s thoughts about her friend’s marriage?

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