Chloe Lukasiak Scores New Movie Gig: What’s The Former ‘Dance Moms’ Star Tackling Next?

Former Dance Moms star Chloe Lukasiak has another project she has landed, and this one has her fans excited. Chloe already has one movie on the horizon, and now she has just landed another one. What’s the scoop?

As was previously detailed by the Inquisitr, Chloe Lukasiak recently worked on a movie called Center Stage: Dance Camp. This one is a continuation of the Center Stage movie series, and several of the film’s original stars will return. Lukasiak plays a dancer named Gwen, and the movie will air on Lifetime on June 25.

Fans were buzzing during this week’s Dance Moms reunion show, when Abby Lee Miller suddenly made reference to Lukasiak and her movie gig. As fans know, Chloe and Christi’s departure from Dance Moms was a tense one that came after Abby made some very negative remarks about the young dancer. Miller may still be harboring resentment toward the family, but they have clearly moved on to bigger and better things.

As Lukasiak’s fans anxiously await the opportunity to watch her in the Center Stage movie, news has emerged that she has started work on another movie project. According to Deadline, she will co-star alongside Bailee Madison in the upcoming film Cowgirl’s Story. The movie just started filming in California, and Chloe will play a character named Savanah Stocker.

Cowgirl’s Story is said to be inspired by Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, and it revolves around high school cowgirls who are keeping things together at home as their parents serve in the military in Afghanistan. The project has Bailee Madison producing and starring in the film, and many remember her from her previous roles on shows like Once Upon a Time and Good Witch.

As PR Newswire shares, Cinemills Media and Armstrong Moving Pictures has detailed that both Chloe and country singer and actor Pat Boone have been cast in the movie, and Aidan Alexander will play a character named Trevor. Alexander will be unfamiliar to many, but some might recognize him from the brief gig he had playing Elliot on Granite Falls. Madison plays a character named Dusty Rhodes, and Boone plays a grandfather.

“Dusty Rhodes is new at Jefferson High, and she sticks out like a… well, a cowgirl. Dusty is a real cowgirl from Texas. Her parents are in the U.S. Army: her mother a helicopter pilot and her father a Special Forces Army Ranger. At first, Dusty is an outcast, but eventually she makes friends with a group that includes Savanah, a girl whose father was killed while fighting in Iraq three years earlier. Even though Savanah is kind of Goth and Dusty is all cowgirl they have a special connection and they bond.”

Now that the announcement has been formally made regarding Lukasiak’s role in Cowgirl’s Story, Chloe and Bailee can share some of the fun they have been having with their fans. Madison posted a photo of the two together on Twitter, and she retweeted the announcement and Chloe’s post about doing the project. Fans will have to stay tuned to see when and where they can check out the film, but it looks like Madison and Lukasiak are having a great time working together.

Chloe left Dance Moms at the end of Season 4, and she has kept fairly busy with various projects ever since her departure. For a while, Lukasiak was dancing and competing with Studio 19, but she was not doing solos there and has since stopped competing so she could focus on other projects. In addition to these movie gigs, she has been making numerous appearances and has done a fair amount of modeling projects.

In terms of her personal life, Lukasiak went through some difficult challenges when she learned that she needed surgery on her eye and she recently split with her first serious boyfriend. Chloe and Ricky Garcia of Best Friends Whenever and the band Forever In Your Mind dated for about a year but recently confirmed that they had split. The former Dance Moms star doesn’t seem to be letting this slow her down, though, as she is forging ahead and landing projects left and right.

Chloe Lukasiak may be gone from Dance Moms, but her fans remain dedicated to her and cannot wait to see what she lands next. As for Cowgirl’s Story, everybody will have to hang tight for a bit and wait for further details about when the project will be available to view.

[Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]