Is Tiffany Hendra Still Friends With LeeAnne Locken After Explosive Fight On ‘RHOD’?

Real Housewives of Dallas star Tiffany Hendra has stood up for her friend LeeAnne Locken for years and she has defended her in many situations where people have talked badly about her. LeeAnne didn’t seem too thankful for Tiffany, especially on Monday’s episode when Locken threw a glass at her co-stars and Hendra chased after her to calm her down. She was clearly upset about the other ladies, and Tiffany was angry because she was being labeled as not being a supportive friend. As a result, she completely flipped out.

According to a new Bravo report, Tiffany Hendra is now revealing that her outburst was built up from months of drama. It wasn’t just a single fight between these two, as Hendra had been upset and frustrated with Locken’s behavior before. After the episode aired, Tiffany Hendra was accused of staging the fight for the sake of ratings. But she’s now revealing that the fight was very real and her frustrations were built up.

“I want to clarify that this was NOT staged or acting. I was really…Fed up. Over it. Sick of it. Exhausted. Disappointed. Pissed. Could not keep quiet any longer. I have to admit not all of that anger was directed at LeeAnne, it was also directed at myself. Not keeping my solid boundaries and allowing this level of toxicity into my life- well, I let myself down,” Hendra reveals on her blog for Bravo, recapping the fight with her friend on The Real Housewives of Dallas.

Even though Hendra didn’t do what LeeAnne wanted her to do, she still sees herself as a great friend. Locken wanted Tiffany to step up when the ladies started fighting with her, but Tiffany knows that her friend is strong. Plus, many people kept questioning why she would lose her temper at a charity event and throw a drink.

“I would never intentionally put her in an unsafe position and truly thought she and Brandi needed to give each other the courtesy of clearing the air. This gives me whiplash, I swear. Then when your bestie storms out after an altercation like that…you go check on her. She kept ignoring me as I was coming toward her then she flipped me off so whew – that pissed me off even more. I don’t just blow my lid like that on a whim. This was like a volcano that had been rumbling for nearly the whole year I had lived here at that point,” Tiffany Hendra points out on her blog.

Of course, Tiffany Hendra and Locken bonded over their bad childhoods. LeeAnne has revealed that she has struggled in the carnival world and has been exposed to drug use at a very young age. According to ET Online, Tiffany recently revealed that she has also been dealing with drugs. Apparently, she used to have a drug problem, and she’s now learning to live a sober life.

Are these two still friends? It sounds like Tiffany Hendra and LeeAnne have worked out their issues, as they have been posing for various pictures at events. They have also been tweeting one another, so it sounds like they have worked out their issues. Hendra may have changed her mind about Locken after the fight and may be more cautious around her friend these days, especially when it comes to her Real Housewives of Dallas co-stars. And she may think twice about standing up for her co-star again.

What do you think of Tiffany Hendra’s comments about LeeAnne Locken? Are you surprised that she flipped out on Monday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas?

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