Justin Bieber Meets Terminally Ill 9-Year-old Girl For Poignant Make-A-Wish

Page Mackinley

Justin Bieber's work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation continues to bring a ray of light into the lives of terminally ill children. The superstar said an immediate "Yes" to granting 9-year-old cancer sufferer, Karlee Drew's dying wish to meet him as soon he and his team heard about Karlee's request.

Rochester-based Karlee met Bieber on Wednesday evening before the Canadian's second and final Purpose World Tour show at Boston's TD Garden Arena, after which the youngster and her family attended the pop star's concert.

Karlee has undergone two bone marrow transplants and chemotherapy in her battle with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML), but the disease came back tenfold after a relapse back in 2015. The little girl returned home from Boston Children's Hospital last Friday for what is thought to be the last time.

Kaylee's first Make-A-Wish request was to swim with dolphins in Clearwater, Florida. Her second? To meet Justin Bieber.

BostonCBSLocal reports that Karlee's mother, Pam, said Tuesday on Facebook that Karlee had requested through the Make A Wish Foundation to meet Bieber, but that the request had been denied.

However, this is not accurate. Citing New Hampshire news station NH1's claim that Drew was denied her "wish" to meet the singer, Gossip Cop confirms Bieber didn't "reject" a request to meet Karlee. In fact, he wasn't even aware of it.

"But when he was told before his Boston concert on Tuesday afternoon, he quickly agreed," Gossip Cop adds, also noted a May 11 Facebook post shared by Melena Lugo, a family friend of the Drew's who co-organized the social media drive to get the attention of Bieber and his team.

Lugo's post says Bieber actually said "Yes" to meeting Karlee as soon as he and his team "heard about Karlee's request," and that it took a little over 24 hours for her "wish" to be granted.

Make-A-Wish also said in its own statement yesterday, "Justin is a long-standing, committed and generous wish granter. His support for the Make-A-Wish mission remains strong as he continues to grant wishes."

They added, "Justin's dedication is evidenced by the fact that he has granted a wish in almost every city during his current tour. He will grant two more wishes tonight in Boston, including Karlee's wish."

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— Z107 (@Z107FM) May 11, 2016

Because Karlee wears a peripheral central catheter (PICC line), it's not possible for her get in water, so her dolphin "wish" couldn't be fulfilled. In contrast, her Bieber request was a solid "Yes" once he heard about it.

The 22-year-old has already fulfilled over 260 "wishes" for children with terminal illnesses. In fact, the Grammy winner has granted more "wishes" in the Make-A-Wish program than any other recording artist, and he received the Champ of Charity award at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards in recognition of his seven years of charitable efforts and generosity. While onstage, Bieber gave his award to his "date" for the evening, a young cancer sufferer.

The singer's longstanding work with the foundation dates back to 2009 and speaks for itself.

Amid the ongoing social media drive, Karlee and her best friend were reportedly headed to the beach with their mothers on Wednesday, when Pam got a call from Make-A-Wish.

"We pulled over, and she said, 'They did it. We are going,'" Melone told WMUR.

"I was just really excited," Karlee said.

The group turned around and headed back home to get ready for the dream meet-and-greet with Bieber. When a limousine and police escort came to pick up Karlee and her family in Rochester, they were seen off by friends and family.

Local news outlet Fosters Daily Democrat reports Pam says Karlee is "dropping fast," and the sick little girl now has to sleep in the family's living room because she doesn't have the strength to get upstairs to her bedroom.

"Now we're just hoping for a miracle," Pam told the outlet. "We're just trying to make her comfortable."

Back in March, Bieber canceled all future fan meet-and-greets on his Purpose Tour admitting he felt "emotionally drained to the point of depression" because he takes on others' "spiritual energy." The singer previously revealed he suffers from depression in interviews last year.

Earlier this week, the "Sorry" singer announced he will no longer be taking snaps with fans because of countless instances of having phones shoved in his face and feeling "like a zoo animal" as a result. [Note: He is still meeting and talking to fans]. However, Bieber's work with Make-A-Wish is ongoing, and the foundation is a cause the singer is evidently committed to.

Karlee Drew had one wish come true when she met Justin Bieber, and the the Inquisitr extends respectful thoughts to the family at this time. If readers want to donate to a GoFundMe page for Karlee, click here.

Watch a selection of clips of Bieber's most recent to past Make-A-Wish meet and greets below.

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