Katy Perry Blames Selena Gomez For Justin Bieber-Bashing Orlando Bloom PDA? Twitter Roars As Katy Dumps Him [Video]

Katy Perry recently walked the red carpet with boyfriend Orlando Bloom, never envisioning what she would discover about him in the near future. But now, in the wake of evidence that he cheated on her with Selena Gomez, Katy isn't blaming Orlando. Instead, Perry blames the other woman in what has become a love triangle, according to Hollywood Life's insider.

Despite those photos and videos, Katy feels that it's the 23-year-old singer, not Bloom, who is at fault for the PDA parade.

Katy Perry blames Selena Gomez for that PDA with Orlando Bloom.
Katy Perry blames Selena Gomez for that PDA with Orlando Bloom. [Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for COVERGIRL]"Katy is leaning towards trusting Orlando and is thinking that he did nothing wrong, even though the pictures appear to show something different," revealed the insider.

Instead, Perry is angry at Gomez, according to the source.

"[Katy] wants her to stay away from Orlando at all costs. Katy doesn't trust her. She is still looking to find out exactly what happened and has a lot more questions than answers right now. Things are pretty tense and can turn on a dime, but her mindset is currently putting blame on Selena."
Making it worse for Perry, her relationship history overflows with tales of cheating. Russell Brand was unfaithful to Katy, and Perry also had a bad experience with John Mayer. With Katy already wary of trusting men, the new photos circulating showing her supposedly faithful boyfriend engaged in PDA with another woman are reportedly making her miserable after she thought he truly was committed to her.
"Her friends...warned Katy to be careful when they first hooked up, [but] he really had [Perry] believing he was head over heels for her and all in as far as a serious, committed relationship," added the insider.

Did Katy Perry fail to listen to friends' warnings about Orlando Bloom?
Did Katy Perry fail to listen to friends' warnings about Orlando Bloom? [Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]And as a hint of how Katy is feeling, she headed to Twitter. In her tweet, Perry questioned the "cut off age" to tell someone you want to grow older together.
However, Katy is dating a man with a history of unexpected twists in his relationships, pointed out the Daily Beast.
Bloom went through a complicated break up with Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr, which led to Justin Bieber provoking him to the point where Orlando hit the "Sorry" singer's jaw.

"Miranda told me, 'I want to make a man out of you," Bieber reportedly taunted Bloom.

As to whether the pop star was actually involved with Kerr then is not known, but he was involved in another chapter of his "Jelena" romance, leading fans to speculate that the taunt resulted from jealousy over rumors that Orlando and Gomez were hooking up back then.

Katy Perry and Selena Gomez pose together, but are they also dating the same man?
Katy Perry and Selena Gomez pose together, but are they also dating the same man? [Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]Fast-forward and now it's Katy, rather than Miranda, who's trapped in that love triangle with Bieber-bashing Bloom. And that's left Perry feeling humiliated, according to Hollywood Life's source.
"Katy is aware [of the photos] and the wound is very fresh; she is embarrassed and disturbed with what she has seen, and her imagination is getting the best of her.
However, Perry may find some consolation in the internet's reactions to that PDA parade provided by her supposedly faithful boyfriend and the "Hands To Myself" singer. The internet overflowed with defenses of Katy, pointed out Us Weekly.

"What a tragic downgrade," posted one Team Perry person.

Others pointed to the difference in age. While Katy is 31 to her boyfriend's 39, Selena is just 23.

"Whoa. Simmer down, man. She's 23," tweeted one age-conscious person.

Others expressed sympathy.

"Poor katy perry," tweeted one fan.

And some just expressed outrage at the cheating while admitting that they weren't on Team Perry.

"That just aint right, I don't like Katy but still just aint right [sic]," tweeted one such individual.

However, Perry has already taken action, sources told Naughty Gossip.

"Katy has seen the pictures...and dumped him via text. He is calling and begging to meet but she is not responding at the moment. She thought he was different and kind. She was wrong."
As to whether Perry change her mind, those sources describe Katy as "very hurt" and upset.

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