Azealia Banks’ Twitter Feuds: ‘212’ Rapper Attacks Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid’s Boyfriend Ignores Plagiarism Accusations And Racist Rant

Azealia Banks has launched yet another Twitter attack, this time targeting former One Direction singer Zayn Malik.

Malik recently released the video for his single “Like I Would,” and Azealia accused him on the social media network of copying her work, namely her “Yung Rapunxel” video.

Azealia didn’t immediately get a response from Zayn, but posted a collage of images taken from both of their videos to demonstrate the singer had been inspired by her work.

Zayn didn't immediately respond to Azealia Banks' accusations but dismissed her attacks when she got too violent.
Azealia Banks posted this collage of shots from her and Zayn’s videos to show how he copied her. [Photo via Instagram/azealiabanks]
Zayn eventually tweeted, although it wasn’t a direct response, and in another tweet declared his “@” was too good for “you.”

Azealia didn’t back down and in the end, Zayn gave in and addressed her directly, asking why she’d been saying nasty things about him.

And indeed, the US rapper has been going pretty hard on her attacks in a series of tweets directed both at Zayn and at 14-year old Disney star Skai Jackson.

Azealia had also brought up Zayn’s girlfriend, supermodel Gigi Hadid, who was nicknamed Slay-Z in Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood,” a name Banks claimed she had come up with before.

Banks didn’t hesitate in taking her fight one step further and started attacking Skai, who had tweeted her saying she should “simmer down a little.” Azealia used abusive language against the 14-year-old and said her mum had pimped her out to Disney. The exchange went on for a few hours, with the girls attacking each other on fame, weaves, amount of followers, and career successes.

It wasn’t long until Banks was using graphic and racist language against Zayn, who remained largely unbothered by her comments.

Banks went on to attack “fat English people who eat box tesco sandwiches,” after a UK radio tweeted at her early in the morning. She then made comments about dental care, hard accents, UK rappers and grime, claiming they “ALWAYS lose,” using the hashtag #grimesucks.

She made a number of sexual allusions and continued her tirades in support of Trump, which The Inquisitr reported on yesterday.

Banks admitted to liking Bernie Sanders but said he had no chance of winning the Democratic primary. It’s not the first time the rapper is expressing her support for Trump, whose stance on immigration she agreed with last September.

After Azealia called Zayn a “curry scented bitch,” women started posting pictures of themselves using it as a hashtag and asking why that should be an insult.

It looks like Azealia’s rants backfired once again as dozens took to Twitter to reply to her insulting posts with humorous responses. But what do you think, should Banks be allowed to launch such racist attacks?

[Photo by Robert Altman/Invision/AP]

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