Katy Perry Blames Selena Gomez For PDA With Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom's relationship looks to be in danger after photos of Orlando and Selena Gomez getting touchy feely in Las Vegas over the weekend surfaced. However, Perry is not as mad at Bloom as she could have been because Hollywood Life reported on Tuesday that Katy blames Gomez for the public display of affection.

Sources told the site that Perry, 31, trusts Bloom and believes that Gomez put her man in this situation to begin with. According to the site, Perry still trusts Bloom and wants Selena to stay away from her man. The photos were taken after a concert where Selena, 23, and Bloom, 39, looked like a lot more than just friends.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom started spending more time together earlier this year and have displayed their own version of PDA during the first few months of the year. They also seemed to be getting quite close, as Katy went with Orlando to his manager's birthday party in February and then accompanied him to his 5-year-old son's birthday party two days later.

People reported that the Katy and Orlando relationship apparently started around the Golden Globes ceremony in January where they had drinks and got to know each other better. Prior to this, Orlando was dating a stylist named Chloe Bartoli and Katy was spending time with her ex-boyfriend John Mayer.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have both been married before. Bloom was married to model Miranda Kerr in 2010, and their relationship ended in 2013. Katy married Russell Brand, also in 2010, and their relationship ended in 2012 with a divorce. What makes the Orlando photos so damaging for Perry is that Brand cheated on her and Mayer has always strained to remain faithful to anyone over the years.

However, it looks like Perry is giving Bloom the benefit of the doubt for now. Hollywood Life also reported a source close to Perry as saying that Katy was warned to be careful with Orlando.

"Her friends [were] worried about Orlando's reputation as a player and warned Katy to be careful when they first hooked up. He really had her believing he was head over heels for her and all in as far as a serious, committed relationship."
While Orlando and Miranda divorced, there were no signs that there was any cheating involved. The two remained amicable and said things just don't always work out the way people sometimes hope when they marry. Of course, there is no proof that Orlando cheated at all on Katy either, especially not with Gomez. All that exists are the photographs.
E! Online reported that while Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been dating for a few months now, Orlando has been friends with Selena for years. The two have been such close friends that they have had to answer questions about dating in the past. Despite the reports that the two were touchy feely in the booth, there was no way to know for sure because security was keeping regular people from getting back for good photographs of the two and all the photos were blurry. The two could have just been having fun, as friends.

A source close to Selena told E! Online that there was nothing going on between the two at the event. As suggested, maybe they were just friends enjoying each other's company.

"Selena and Orlando are good friends and they've known each other for a long time. Nothing happened with Selena and Orlando this past weekend. Orlando is with Katy and they are very happy and in love. Selena is all about her tour now, not really focusing on men."
While Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were not together in Las Vegas at the time, the couple went to the Met Gala together and everything seemed to be going well with the couple. Gomez was at that event as well, but the two parties never crossed paths. The sources for Hollywood Life say that Perry knows about the photos, though, and seems angry at Selena for letting things look as bad as they did, not believing that anything actually happened between the two.

[Photo by Joel Ryan/AP Images]