Kelly Osbourne Breaks Silence On Parents’ Split With ‘Lemonade’ Reference

Kelly Osbourne is showing support for her mom in the aftermath of her parents’ recent split. When Sharon Osbourne made a return to her CBS talk show, The Talk, on Tuesday to address rumors that she has split from her husband, Ozzy Osbourne, she had a huge glass of lemonade in her hand. Mrs. O joked that she was loving her lemonade, a not-too-subtle reference to Beyoncé’s recent Lemonade visual album that reportedly details her husband Jay Z’s alleged infidelities.

Sharon sipped on the lemonade as she talked about how empowered and strong she feels right now.

“I honestly am empowered and have found inner strength. I can handle this,” Osbourne said. The mom of three also said she does not know if she will be able to stay married to her husband of 33 years.

“I honestly at this point today have no idea what I’m doing with the rest of my life,” Osbourne said.”I just need to time to think about myself, and what do I want for the rest of my life…I don’t know what I want. I’ve got to follow my heart, and I don’t even know what my heart is telling me right now. I’m just trying to take it all in, process it and do it calmly and in a timely fashion.”

Following the broadcast of the CBS chatfest, Kelly Osbourne broke her silence on her parents’ split and posted a photo of herself holding a lemon. Kelly captioned the pic with, “Guess who’s turning lemons into lemonade?”

Guess who's turning ????'s into #lemonade?

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Kelly’s reference says more about her parents’ split than Sharon actually did when addressing it. Mrs. O admitted that she kicked her husband out of the house but said they are on speaking terms. She also said that at 63 years of age, she has finally decided that she “can’t live like this anymore,” but she stopped short of admitting if he had been unfaithful to her.

While none of her Talk co-stars went so far as to ask Sharon if rumors that Ozzy cheated on her with their hairdresser was true (Ozzy is rumored to have had an affair with Meche hair colorist Michele Pugh), Sharon’s lemonade toast and Kelly’s subsequent post make it seem like they are referring to lemonade in the same context that Queen Bey did.

A source close to the famous clan told Hollywood Life that Kelly Osbourne will be “royally pissed” if she finds out that her dad was unfaithful to her mom, and her cheeky lemonade post seems to point to that.

“[Kelly] loves her parents more than anything and is choosing to protect the family through this difficult time but she will clearly take her mom’s side if any cheating took place,” the source said.

Kelly may be supporting her mom, but only the Osbourne family knows what is really going on. During Sharon’s opening chat on The Talk, she said she didn’t yet know how — or with whom — she will spend the rest of her life. Host Julie Chen told her that she needs to make the decision that is best for her, and not what her kids Aimee, Jack, and Kelly want.

Kelly is not the only Osbourne offspring who has made a social media post that seems to be referencing her parents’ separation. Oldest sibling Aimee Osbourne posted a passage on Instagram that refers to a woman who loves a man who is incapable of loving her back in the right way.

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Indeed, it sounds like the Osbournes’ scenario to a T, as Sharon has suffered through three decades of infidelities and drug binges while married to Ozzy.

See the video below for more on Kelly Osbourne’s response to her parents’ split.

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