Hideo Kojima’s Next Game: ‘Uncharted’ And ‘The Division’ Fans Will Be Pleased

Hideo Kojima told Gematsu that fans of The Division and Uncharted “will be able to easily enjoy” his next game. Very few details are known about the game yet.

GamesRadar reports that according to the Kojima Productions website, the company is looking for weapons/mechanical artists and a programmer with experience in coding crowd AI. Currently, the game has no working title or project name, and a review of the company’s website shows numerous positions that still need filling. A project name may not be seen for a while yet.

Hideo Kojima was the mind behind the Metal Gear franchise. He has been making games for 30 years. According to his Wikipedia bio, Hideo joined Konami in 1986. During his time with the company, he worked as the director, producer, writer, or game designer on 31 Metal Gear titles, including spin-off games for various platforms. In many of the projects, he played multiple roles. He performed all four of those positions on the nine core games of the series starting with Metal Gear Solid and ending with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Additionally, he was involved in various capacities on other projects, including Zone of Enders, Policenauts, and Castlevania.

Hideo Kojima had a tense parting of ways with Konami and began a new studio recently called Kojima Productions, according to GamesRadar and other news outlets. However, this is not entirely accurate. According to a 2009 Konami press release regarding personnel changes, Kojima Productions was actually founded before 2009 as a subsidiary of Konami with Hideo as its head.


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So Kojima Productions is not exactly a new studio. In fact, it was the studio that was responsible for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain winning Best Action/Adventure Game at the Game Awards in 2015 as reported by Wired. The crowd at the Game Awards show were displeased and booed (1:06 in the video below) upon hearing that Konami had legally barred Hideo from attending and accepting the award, which was accepted on his behalf by Kiefer Sutherland. The incident sparked a fire on Twitter and inspired the hashtag #f—konami.

After its tiff with Kojima, Konami disbanded the studio, removed all Kojima Productions branding from the Metal Gear website, and renamed the studio Konami Los Angeles Studio according to Polygon.

Hideo Kojima then reformed Kojima Productions as an independent studio, which is now hiring and vowed never to collaborate with Konami on future projects. According to an announcement posted to YouTube (see below) by PlayStation Japan, his new studio has already established an exclusive relationship with Sony for its upcoming PlayStation 4 game.

The game will be an action title, which is not surprising considering the mind behind it, but there is not even an extended date or even a placeholder date set for the game’s release. The only thing that can be for certain about the title is that it will be an entirely new franchise, and with Hideo at the helm, the level of quality and mass appeal will be high.

Hideo Kojima has always prided himself on his attention to detail and meticulous work while he was at Konami. It is not likely he will rest on his laurels when it is his company that is at stake in the venture. Keep your radar on for this title. We will report more details and rumors as they surface.

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