‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Aiden Explains His Reappearance To Hope And The Viral Outbreak Claims Its First Victim

This is a week jam-packed with drama on Days of Our Lives, and spoilers tease that Wednesday’s episode will be a tense one. Aiden shocked Hope by showing up alive, and the hospital is swamped with patients battling a mysterious flu virus. Where are things headed during the May 11 show?

As everybody saw on Tuesday’s episode, Aiden insisted that he would only talk with Hope, and there was some question about being able to confirm that he truly is Aiden. Days of Our Lives spoilers from We Love Soaps tease that during Wednesday’s show, Aiden will talk with Hope and desperately try to convince her that he is not the man who tried to murder her on their wedding night.

Spoilers note that Hope will be skeptical of Aiden’s story, naturally, but when the DNA test results come back later in the week, it seems she will realize that this is indeed the man she had fallen in love with and married. Granted, Aiden isn’t exactly telling the entire truth here, as he had been working with Andre to get out of a jam and had been lying to Hope for months. However, it became clear that he also did fall in love before he was kidnapped, and it seems he will be focusing on that part of his story.

Things have been complicated between Hope and Ciara for a while now, and Ciara is moving to the DiMera estate to help Chad with Thomas. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Hope will connect with Ciara during Wednesday’s show and tell her about Aiden’s return. Most viewers would imagine that this will be a tricky conversation, as Ciara surely will be shaken by the news of Aiden’s return considering all that happened with Chase after Aiden’s supposed death.

There will be a lot of drama happening at the hospital during Wednesday’s show as well. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that someone will die from the virus that is rapidly spreading throughout Salem. Fans have been busy speculating about who this first victim will be, but there are signs that point toward it perhaps being someone other than the most prominent suspects.

Arianna Grace, Gabi, and Paul have been the first three to be severely hit by the virus, so many fans have suspected that one of them will be the death referenced in the Days of Our Lives spoilers. However, teasers from Days Cafe for an upcoming episode make mention of Paul still being in the mix of things beyond when this death occurs. In addition, with Freddie Smith returning in the role of Sonny this summer, it sounds like Paul will pull through this scare.

What about Gabi or Ari? Actress Camila Banus, who plays Gabi, posted on Instagram in April that she had just signed a new contract and will be sticking around Days of Our Lives for a while. Considering the fact that DOOL tapes six months ahead, it seems clear that Banus is still alive and kicking as Gabi in Salem.

Banus also retweeted a post on Twitter that a fan shared with her that includes a picture of her on the set with the two little girls who play Arianna, Harper, and Sydnee Udell. Another post from March shows Freddie Smith holding the twins, and it appears that this was taken on the set recently as well. Again, given the taping schedule of Days of Our Lives, it certainly appears that little Ari survives her bout with the virus.

Days of Our Lives spoilers have detailed that this death will impact many throughout Salem, but some question the wording of the network teases. The hospital is said to go into lockdown over all of this. Some speculate that it could be someone fairly irrelevant dies, but the death leaves many in Salem shaken due to the intensity of the outbreak.

Some fans suspect that the model who was seen looking quite sick earlier this week may be the one to die, whereas others still think that a character who is more significant will be the death teased in the DOOL spoilers. Wednesday’s show does bring a tender moment between Eduardo and Adriana, but it sounds like this is more along the lines of the two slowly reconnecting after years apart versus parents or grandparents shattered over a shocking death.

Will viewers be shocked by the upcoming death as this viral outbreak intensifies? If it is Paul, Gabi, or Ari who dies on Wednesday, it would seem that the network will have managed to successfully orchestrate some misdirection about some cast comings or goings, a move that is hard to do with this show given the length of time between taping and air dates.

What will Hope do about Rafe and Aiden when she confirms that her former husband really is alive and back in Salem? It’s going to be a wild week of action as lives hang in the balance, and Days of Our Lives fans cannot wait to see what comes next.

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