Tiffany Hendra Says Marie Reyes Talked Badly About LeeAnne Locken For A Long Time

Monday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas showed Tiffany Hendra and LeeAnne Locken in a blowout fight after LeeAnne accused Tiffany of not having her back and orchestrating an attack on her. Infuriated at LeeAnne for giving her the middle finger and questioning her loyalty, Tiffany, outside on a Dallas street, screamed at LeeAnne and even pushed her. LeeAnne, not wanting to be filmed any longer, ended up attacking the camera man, hitting a passing streetcar, and angrily jaywalking across to the other side of the street with her shoes off.

In her blog recapping the latest episode, Tiffany explained why she got so angry at LeeAnne. Tiffany reiterated that she told LeeAnne to talk to her nemesis, Brandi Redmond, not because she wanted to set LeeAnne up, but because she wanted LeeAnne and Brandi to come to a place of understanding. Tiffany further explained that what ended happening between her and LeeAnne out in the street was caused by more than just what viewers saw.
"It pissed me off when LeeAnne said I concocted the whole thing. I would never intentionally put her in an unsafe position and truly thought she and Brandi needed to give each other the courtesy of clearing the air. This gives me whiplash, I swear. Then when your bestie storms out after an altercation like that…you go check on her. She kept ignoring me as I was coming toward her then she flipped me off so whew -- that pissed me off even more. I don't just blow my lid like that on a whim. This was like a volcano that had been rumbling for nearly the whole year I had lived here at that point."
What was the "volcano that had been rumbling" for almost the whole year that Tiffany was back in Dallas? Tiffany revealed that she ever since she got back to Dallas from Los Angeles, she defended LeeAnne to all of her critics. That was why Tiffany was so angry when LeeAnne accused her of not sticking up for her. Shockingly, Tiffany claims that one of the people who talked badly about LeeAnne for a long time was Marie Reyes.
"They would question me on how I could be friends with her. I would defend her every single time and explain that we have a long history together and have been there for each other through some rough times in our 20's. Marie, who was suppose to be one of her best friends was saying highly judgmental things about LeeAnne to me from the moment I moved back to Dallas."
Marie is a "friend of the housewives" this season. She was introduced as one of LeeAnne Locken's friends and even hosted a charity event at her home on behalf of LeeAnne in an earlier episode. Yet according to Tiffany Hendra, Marie is not loyal to LeeAnne.
"When I went back in the cocktail party after the fight and saw Marie coddling Brandi that confirmed to me that Marie definitely was not the friend LeeAnne thought she was. If you're friends for 20 years, you go check on a hurting friend not stay inside with the girl she argued with and that you've only known for a few months. Where's the loyalty?"
Despite the fight's intensity, Tiffany and LeeAnne ended up making up. Over lunch, they agreed that their friendship meant too much for them to let it go. LeeAnne actually confessed in her blog that it wasn't the worst fight that they have had in their decades of friendship and it won't be the last.
"This isn't the worst fight we've had, and it won't be the last."
It's LeeAnne's friendship with Marie Reyes that viewers will apparently see go south. A preview clip for next week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas shows LeeAnne, after Tiffany told her about the things Marie said about her, confronting Marie.

In what may have been a hint of what's to come between her and LeeAnne, Marie recently told a fan that viewers will be seeing a lot more of her soon.

Not hiding the fact that they're no longer friends, Marie has retweeted tweets that poke fun of LeeAnne Locken and called her tears with Tiffany fake.
Marie Reyes even revealed that Tiffany Hendra blocked her.
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