b5media gets a new CEO

Jeremy Wright, the founding CEO of blog network b5media has left the position after three years in place of Elaine Kunda.

Investor John Albright said in a statement that “Elaine is exactly the right leader for b5media, with her strong leadership and proven ability to lead top performing teams. We look forward to continuing our investment in b5media as they continue to build on their position as a leading online media company.”

Kunda comes to the position having previously led Ziplocal and worked with a number of newspapers. Her full resume (literally) is on Wikipedia here.

Wright said in a post on his personal blog that he was leaving due to burn out:

I did it because I was tired, burnt out and recognized that my life wasn’t what I wanted it to be. I was working too much, unhappy at home, unhappy at work and just felt completely blah. Basically I did it because a friend asked me what I wanted my life to be… It was then that I realized not only was I unhappy, but that I had no idea what I wanted my life to be.

Wright said that he remains on the b5media board but will have no day to day role with the company, and instead will pursue consulting work through his new company Netmobs.

(via The Blog Herald. Post disclosure here.)