Highlighter Rage: $72 ‘Skin Fetish 003’ Sells In Buying Frenzy, Rainbow Highlighters Gain Buzz

Highlighters are all the rage these days. Whereas blond highlights in the hair used to be a big thing, lately there has been a big amount of buzz surrounding highlighters and illuminators for the face. One particular highlighting kit getting plenty of attention is one from cosmetic genius Pat McGrath.

As reported by Look, Pat’s Skin Fetish 003 three-piece highlighting kit has gained so much attention that it was listed as sold out on Sephora’s website for a time. The Skin Fetish 003 highlighter’s first batch of 25,000 kits sold immediately and reportedly crashed Sephora’s website for three full hours. Now Sephora says that a new batch would be available for sale on the morning of May 10.

According to the Pat McGrath Labs product page on Sephora, her Skin Fetish 003 product is transformative – and contains the magical, mystical stuff that highlighters are made of. The Skin Fetish 003 claims to contain the secrets of backstage make-up artists that truly refresh the skin and make it appear luminous and brilliant.

Pat even took to Twitter to announce the availability of her Skin Fetish 003 highlighters, which come in golden and nude tones.

“This product will be will be available to all clients on the morning of May 10. A transformative trio with a highlighter and balm duo, brush, and pigment to take highlighting to the next level—use without caution.

“Turn your skin on with Skin Fetish 003 and transcend your look. Experiment with an array of exquisite effects—from bare, to dewy, to stunning luminosity—beyond the spectrum. This kit is packed with backstage secrets so you can pull off seductive, sublime skin. Take highlighting to the next dimension with this addictive trio’s incandescent pigment, buffer brush, and dual-ended Shiny Stick. It includes a lustrous highlighter on one end and beautifying balm on the other to amplify and accentuate your best features.”

Pat herself claimed that the Skin Fetish 003 gives its users a glow that’s out of this world.

“This has been my backstage beauty secret for decades, it literally transforms ordinary skin into otherworldly opulence in a flash. Skin Fetish 003 leaves an untouched quality to the skin, but also a purity and a refinement; an ethereal glow.”

In addition to the frenzy felt over highlighters, like Pat’s Skin Fetish 003, comes the skin highlighting trend called rainbow highlights, as reported by Self.

Rainbow highlights are being called the cutting edge trend due to the Etsy store called Bitter Lace Beauty creating a colorful palette of hues that are said to give wearers the brilliant beauty of a unicorn. Although only a fluke product initially meant for St. Patrick’s Day, the success and sell-out of the unicorn-colored highlighter convinced the company to make it one their staple products.

Apparently, fans are loving that decision and commenting on the company’s Etsy page how much they love the rainbow highlights.

“My life isn’t complete until I have this all over my body.”

Highlighters have come into fashion as of late as a way to make the cheekbones and face look lifted and bright in a natural way. Highlighters are generally stroked onto the forehead’s temples, the bridge of the nose and above the cheekbones in order to give an uplifting look to the face.

Not all highlighters are as expensive as the ones going viral. The bestsellers page on Sephora also shows the BECCA Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in “Champagne Pop” going viral. That highlighter rings in at only $38.

Kim Kardashian also shared the strobing or highlighting product she uses for her face — which is the $28 Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Illuminator.

‘Non-Touring’ Or ‘Strobing’ Makeup Trend: Highlighting The Face Replaces Contouring

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