‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Will Choose A Different Path After Memories Come Back, Will He Go Back To Being Stone Cold?

Monday’s episode of General Hospital had fans sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for that moment when Jason Morgan regained his memories of the life that he had yet been able to remember until now. The daytime drama promised that this particular episode would change everything. The writers of the soap had just recently spilled that Jason is expected to be heading in a different direction now that he has remembered his past.

In an interview with TV Line, General Hospital co-headwriters Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman talked about the path that the hitman will go on now that he has regained his memories. His path so far in the last two years has not been an easy one. Some GH fans were especially upset that Jason was with Elizabeth Webber last year and made it known that they were not happy with it.

Now that Jason Morgan is back with Sam, everything seems to be right on target and that is just the way the writers were going with it. Jean Passanante talked about Jason and Sam’s past being in the forefront of the show. Up until now, Jason had no idea what the full effect of their relationship was.

“Although they’re already together as a couple, the memories of how they came together and what they’ve been through, both good and bad, give him a deeper sense of their relationship. Remembering everything gives him the history he felt but couldn’t fully understand until now.”

Yesterday on General Hospital was the turning point as Jason told Sam, or the hallucination of her, how much he loves her and that he wants to make sure that she knows that. This episode began as Jason was hit by the van that was carrying prisoner Carlos Rivera, and also Dante Falconeri and Nathan West. Jason was thrown off his motorcycle and ended up with a bad head injury.

The driver of the van didn’t make it, but Jason found Dante unconscious and bleeding badly from a stab wound. He was trying to find the strength to save Dante’s life and to get him to the hospital, which is why he had some special visitors to help him out.

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The appearances by Robin Scorpio, Carly and Sonny, Sam, and even Helena Cassadine, prompted the hidden memories to come flooding back to Jason. Of course, Helena didn’t want that to happen as she was the one who used her famous mind control to block them. He almost took Helena’s advice to ride away on his bike, but Sonny stopped him.

Jason ended up recalling the first time that he and his BFF met. Those two have quite a history on General Hospital and their friendship has been missed by many fans. Does this mean that Jason Morgan will go right back to his job as Sonny’s enforcer? Is this the path that he chooses for his family now?

The writers at General Hospital have said that Jason may choose something completely different even though he has remembered everything. In fact, his past may cause him to rethink the choices that he had made in the past, especially when it came to his career path. It sounds like there may be some sort of merger between the old Jason and the new one, as the writers have hinted.

“He’s had many potent experiences since then which he’ll need to merge with his memories from his past [as Sonny’s go-to muscle]. Recovering those memories allows him to become a more complete human being who will need to follow a different path from the one he once followed.”

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General Hospital fans seem to be divided down the middle when it comes to how they want Jason’s life to be now that he has his memories back. Some want Stone Cold back as Sonny’s hitman, while others would rather see him embrace his Quartermaine side and stay out of the dangerous life in the mob.

However, the huge relief that has been coming from thousands of posts on social media has been the memories that Jason had of Sam and their love story. His feelings that he had for her all of these years came back and according to Soap Hub, JaSam fans loved this General Hospital episode.

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Many mixed feelings had been shared these past two years on what it would be like when Jason remembers his past. It will be interesting to see if fans will be satisfied with this new path that will be written for the character of Jason Morgan.

Which path would you like to see Jason take? Would you like him to go back to being Stone Cold or are you happy with the change in direction that the General Hospital writers are taking with this character?

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