Selena Gomez Gets ‘Touchy Feely’ With Orlando Bloom In Vegas, Is He Cheating On Katy Perry?

Speaking of the Biebs. During SelGo’s first show, she debuted a brand new song called “Feel Me,” which is choc full of pointed lyrics wishing a lifetime of unfulfilled relationships on an ex-boyfriend. Many believe the track is about Bieber.

During Gomez’s Fresco show on Sunday night, she crumpled up a fan’s sign which read “Marry Justin Please” after noticing it in the crowd.

So, is Gomez’s seeming petting session with Bloom the real thing?

Not according to Gossip Cop. Within 30 minutes of TMZ posting their Bloom-Gomez story, the rumor-busting site threw cold water on the cheating speculation.

Gossip Cop writes, “All the photos show, when looked at rationally, is the two longtime friends hugging and leaning in close to talk inside a noisy venue.”

The watchdog outlet continued, “The continued sightings are not because of a blossoming relationship, but close friendship. And you know what? Friends hang out in public places.” The site added Bloom and Gomez, “currently remain just friends.”

We’ll leave it to readers to decide for themselves what they make of the denial statement and Vegas pictures of Selena and Orlando hugging (and possibly more). For now, it’s probably prudent to remember Hollywood weaves more tangled webs than a spider — and wait for Katy Perry’s next tweet.

Meanwhile, the Biebs was spotted walking barefoot enjoying the sights of around Boston Commons, crosswalks, and entering his hotel in Boston on Monday, ahead of two Purpose World Tour concerts at the city’s TD Garden Arena.

[Images via Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images]