‘The 100’: Taking Chip To Destroy Alie From The Inside? Who Will Be The Hero In Season 3?

The 100 Season 3 finale airs on The CW network in two weeks. What will happen with the characters, and how will Alie be defeated? There are a lot of theories, including one individual sacrificing themselves by going inside the artificial intelligence entity.

So far, Alie has continued to win the battle, and the A.I. is only getting stronger. As BreatheCast mentioned, multiple missions to stop Alie have all failed. However, this is not an enemy that the Sky Crew can ignore. So, how will Alie be stopped? The synopsis for “Perverse Instantiation – Part One” doesn’t reveal much information.

“Clarke (Eliza Taylor) finds hope in the most unlikely place,” Spoilers Guide wrote about Season 3, Episode 15. “Meanwhile, Alie’s (guest star Erica Cerra) master plan comes together.”

Despite the synopsis for Season 3, Episode 15 being vague, the press release for the season finale of The 100 hints tragedy. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the Sky Crew will face facts in “Perverse Instantiation – Part Two.” The episode description also teases that everyone will prepare for a “final showdown.” So, what exactly does that mean?

One theory is that ALIE cannot be defeated from the outside. Instead, someone is going to have to go inside to destroy The 100 Season 3 villain. That means that someone will probably have to take the chip, allowing them access to Alie’s inner world. It is a huge risk, but it might be the only way to save themselves. Unfortunately, this could mean that fans will be saying goodbye to one of the original characters.

There are two ways that this could happen. Either everyone goes back to normal once Alie is destroyed, or everyone who was chipped dies. As for the hero, if they go inside Alie and risk their lives, they may not come out alive.

If this theory for the season finale of The 100 is correct, who will sacrifice themselves? Bellamy is one character that may be up to the task. He strong-minded and devoted to protecting the group. Bellamy is also looking for a way to redeem himself. He made a huge mistake going along with Pike’s plan and it resulted in the deaths of many. Indirectly, it also led to Lincoln being executed, something Octavia will never forget.

Another character in The 100 that might play hero is Jasper. He has lost so much, which resulted in him being lost and out of control. He was not able to handle the losses very well. However, he is intelligent and is capable of doing this. There is also a spoiler that Bellamy and Jasper hug in “Perverse Instantiation – Part One.” Why would they be hugging unless it was to say goodbye?

Many fans are wondering if Raven could go inside Alie. She was part of Alie’s army and came out of it alive. Raven also has a score to settle with the artificial intelligence. However, there is a rumor that she will have a great story in Season 4 of The 100. Unless destroying Alie will have everyone back to their normal selves, it seems unlikely that the writers will kill her off.


There is also the possibility that Clarke will go in to do the job. She has tremendous guilt over everything she has done. Even though The 100 revolved around her at first, there are now more developed characters taking center stage. If her guilt is strong enough, she might choose to go inside Alie, even if it does cost Clarke her life.

What do you think of this theory for The 100 Season 3 finale? Is the only way to stop Alie by going inside the artificial intelligence’s world? If so, who will sacrifice themselves? Will it result in any deaths or will destroying Alie bring everyone safely back to reality?

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