San Francisco: Racist Rant From Confused MUNI Worker Goes Viral [VIDEO]

Yesterday morning, a San Francisco woman named Mayra Villarreal posted a video she had taken that shows her being verbally assaulted by a Muni worker for taking “his” parking space (Muni is a San Francisco public transit system). Since it went up, the video has been covered by multiple local news sources, the first to write up a report being KRON 4, and the clip has gone viral.

The video, which appears to be filmed from a cell phone Mayra is holding, begins with her stepping out of her car, which she looks to have just parked in San Francisco’s downtown area.

The Muni worker, who still remains unnamed, must have been about to pull into the spot Mayra had just parked in, because he is waiting to chastise her as soon as her shoes hit the San Francisco pavement. His ensuing rant is difficult to listen to, and its misguidedness lets viewers know the racist San Francisco Muni worker is not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.

The video was posted at about 10 a.m. on Monday morning with the caption, “Racist, ignorant, MUNI bus driver gets mad at me for taking an open parking spot!…People like this make me sick.”

[WARNING: The video below contains graphic language.]

When Mayra posted the video several hours later, the comment thread on it blew up, and most of the commenters were impressed Villarreal managed to stay so composed during the incident.

“Omg I can’t believe you kept you cool. Respect,” wrote Facebook user Liv Lopez.

“Wow. I commend you. You handled it with class. There will be consequences for that guy ahead,” wrote Ray Loucel.

“Omg!!!! Girl you did so good! It’s sooo sad they there people out there that have a messed up mentality… Sad world. I’m share this so everyone sees what an idiot he is!!!” said Cyn Cyn.

“Thanks everyone!!!” commented Villarreal herself.

“I don’t let people like this get the best of me! Thanks everyone for sharing the video and reaching out to me! I was able to get his name and I will be filing a complaint to his superintendent on my break. I will also be filing a report against Muni tomorrow! Friends have posted it on all news stations etc! Thanks everyone!”

Mayra was not lying about notifying the San Francisco transit authorities, who immediately took action after learning about their employee’s unacceptable behavior.

“The actions and language memorialized in the video are unprofessional and disturbing,” wrote San Francisco Director of Transit John Haley in an internal San Francisco Municipal Transit Association memo obtained by The Examiner.

“This employee does not represent our shared values or who we are as part of the community.”

Paul Rose, a representative of Muni, also chimed in about the allegedly racist San Francisco Muni worker.

“Since that time we’ve been working to investigate and identify the operator, which we have. While the investigation continues, we have taken immediate corrective action in this matter.”

The organization also reveals that the allegedly racist Muni worker has been fired.

The post itself has already accrued over 1,000 Facebook shares from San Francisco residents and others around the nation. Comments are almost uniformly disgusted by such racism going on in what many San Franciscans believe — although, possibly falsely — to be an extraordinarily tolerant city.

Although there was very little support for the seemingly racist San Francisco Muni worker, one Twitter commenter did point out an argument in his defense.

Should Muni and the San Francisco Municipal Transit Association as a whole be held partially responsible for the actions of their off-duty drivers?

[Photo by Jeff Chiu/AP Images]