'Bates Motel' Spoilers: Norman Becomes Frightening, Alex Fears He May Kill Him, Dylan Pressures Norma To Do Something Drastic

Will Sheriff Romero survive Season 4 on Bates Motel? It's almost a wrap for the season, but not before Norman takes a darker turn and could end up killing someone in his family. The spoilers have hinted for some time that on the season finale (airing on May 16), he could hurt Alex or his own mother.

In last week's episode, Norman scared Alex when he expressed his disapproval of the sheriff's marriage to his mother, Norma. He unknowingly threatened Romero with an ax, which sent him running to protect Norma from her crazy (and psycho) son.

What led to the crazy confrontation on last week's Bates Motel episode was Romero asked Norman if he thinks his mother deserves to be happy with a man in her life. Of course, Norman doesn't want to let anyone close to his mother, which led to the teenager unleashing his rage, and he nearly killed Alex in the process.

In the preview clip from Bates Motel's episode for Monday, May 9, Alex and Dylan both try to convince Norma that her son is dangerous. Alex tries to reason with Norman, but he isn't willing to budge.

Bates Motel spoilers show Norma and Norman in bed together. Norma struggles with the right thing to do about her son's outrageous behavior. Norma says, "Norman, we are supposed to be together, aren't we?" He responded with a one-word reply in a chilling voice, "Forever."

Bates Motel spoilers hint that Alex does his best to protect Norma from her son's intense rage by making the case that he is dangerous to be around. The accusation outrages Norma, and she responded by shutting down.

"I would know if he is dangerous. He's MY son."

Norma wants to believe their life together can be just as it was before she found out he was responsible for Ms. Watt's murder. The truth is, they can't rewind time. Norman has lost touch with reality at an alarming rate, and there's no telling what he could do if he felt threatened, Design & Trend reported.

If Alex's accusations weren't damaging enough, Bates Motel spoilers tease that Dylan has his own fears about his brother to tell Norma. Apparently, he has learned that Norman could be responsible for Audrey's (Emma's mother) disappearance. He decides to question Norman about the last time he saw Audrey, and his brother's reaction was anything but normal. He worries that his mother is not safe around him, and he begs her to put him back into treatment. Of course, Norma will tell him she cannot do that to her son again, so it looks like we will see a tragedy on the show pretty soon.

"Nothing -- and I do mean nothing -- will prepare you for what's coming in Monday's penultimate season 4 episode. Watch it live and with a string of your grandmother's finest pearls because you will need something to clutch during the final 10 minutes. It's the biggest, most game-altering episode of the show to date."

Bates Motel spoilers hint that Dylan will feel an obligation to protect Norma from Norman's erratic behavior. He tries to convince her of the truth about his brother. He is a serial killer who needs serious and long-term help. The spoilers tease that he decides to confront Norman with the idea that he can convince him to go back to the mental hospital.

Dylan tells his brother, "Norman, you aren't well. Let me help you."

Norman looks at Dylan in a chilling way. It scares Dylan, and he tries to get away as fast as he can. The Bates Motel spoilers indicate that Dylan will be forced to make a choice between his own safety or his mother's because Norman refuses to back down.

"But the question of what to do about Norman creates a divide between Norma and Romero Also, do not miss the last 10 minutes of Monday's episode."

The writers of Bates Motel have teased fans with a major character death for a few months, and it looks like it may happen at the end of tonight's episode. The last scene in the clip shows Norman digging a ditch, presumably to bury a body. Whose grave is Norman digging: Sheriff Romero, Norma, or Dylan?

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