Susan Sarandon ‘Broke Up’ With Hillary Clinton After Iraq War, Says Donald Trump Is ‘Lesser Of Two Evils’

Susan Sarandon made a guest appearance on Stephen Colbert’s Late Show wearing a leg brace, according to the Daily Mail. The Tammy actress, who is pushing 70, sprained her leg after a hiking accident earlier this year.

Susan Sarandon was photographed outside Colbert’s talk show’s studio in New York last week, and it appears that the actress is not overly depressed about the leg brace.

Susan Sarandon opted for a black pantsuit with patented black “Call Your Mother” T-shirt underneath it. The Oscar-winning actress completed the look with a pair of oversized shades.

The “Call Your Mother” T-shirt is Susan Sarandon’s own design, with proceeds benefiting a cause very close to the Rocky Horror Picture Show actress’ heart.

“Each shirt sold supports an incredible cause, Hope North, helping provide education to orphans in Uganda.”

In her interview with Colbert later that day, Susan Sarandon revealed she is not a Hillary Clinton supporter anymore, as reported by CBS News. In fact, the actress is not scared of GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s idea of building a wall more than she is scared of Hillary’s “hawkishness.”

It was Colbert’s decision to show a photo of Susan Sarandon and Hillary Clinton together several years ago that brought up the discussion about Clinton. Sarandon said that she had to “break up” with Clinton.

“Look how happy we were. And then I had to break up with her.”

It was Clinton’s support to go into Iraq in 2003 that made Susan Sarandon question who Hillary Clinton is and whether or not she can trust her. And even Clinton’s environmental efforts didn’t help the Democratic front-runner to get Sarandon’s support.

Susan Sarandon has been a high-profile Bernie Sanders supporter. Sanders and Clinton are currently the most probable candidates from the Democratic party in the U.S. presidential election in November.

Susan Sarandon revealed the news that she had sprained her ankle with the help of her dog’s own Twitter account on March 10.

Susan Sarandon has always been an adventurous woman. Even after that hiking fall, the Oscar-winning actress wasn’t even thinking of stopping her active lifestyle. In fact, it only gave her even greater motivation to continue taking new steps in her life.

In her interview with San Francisco’s Examiner, Susan Sarandon explained how she got injured during that hiking experience in March. She said that she was “very careful” for about an hour and a half at first, but as soon as she felt it was going quite easy for her, she stopped paying as much attention.

“The next thing I knew, I was on my knees and had fractured my ankle. It just goes to show you how out of your body you can be, that you don’t pay enough attention.”

Susan Sarandon is currently promoting her new movie, The Meddler, co-starring Rose Byrne and J.K. Simmons. The movie opened last weekend and has so far grossed over $260 million in the United States.

Susan Sarandon also explained the plot of The Meddler, in which the actress plays Marnie Minervini, a widow and mother who has to reconsider her life’s purpose.

“The film is about how as we get older, we start to have challenges to our identity. This woman has been very good at loving and supporting her husband, but now has to find a completely different raison d’être.”

The actress also added that independent women find it rather difficult to find playmates in life. And that’s exactly the reason why Susan Sarandon spends a great deal of time with younger people, she explained. Younger people ask questions, they’re wondering, searching, and “up for the adventure.”

And Susan Sarandon is happy about the way she has spent her life, and she is not really jealous of younger girls’ lives.

“I’m a little jealous when I see a 27-year-old girl, because I think, ‘You’re going to have so many more adventures.’ But then I think, ‘I’ve had a really great life, and her anxiety about the size of her thighs is so misplaced.”

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Endometriosis Foundation of America]

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