Brandi Redmond Says LeeAnne’s Behavior On ‘Real Housewives Of Dallas’ Was Scary

Brandi Redmond had a feeling that LeeAnne Locken was a bit crazy when she started filming The Real Housewives of Dallas, but she had no idea that LeeAnne would risk her reputation and flip out at a cocktail party in front of everyone. On last week’s episode, Locken threw a drink at her co-stars because she was upset with the way Brandi had handled everything at a charity party. Redmond showed up with poop on her hat because she chose the theme of “dog park in Paris” for her theme hat. Since Locken is very serious about her charity work, she was shocked that Redmond would wear such a controversial hat.

According to a new Bravo report, Brandi Redmond is now revealing that her co-star’s behavior shocked even her and she reveals that her behavior was indeed scary. When Locken started talking and yelling at her co-stars, Stephanie Hollman started crying and shaking. Brandi Redmond wasn’t too scared of her co-star, but she admits that people may have changed her mind about the charity-loving woman.

“I was shocked to see LeeAnne Locken feel as if Tiffany did not have her back. Tiffany always goes over and beyond to make excuses for LeeAnne and her behavior. I had no idea what was going on outside but I wanted to break out my poms and cheer for Tiffany standing up for herself. Way to go Tiffany, I know that it can be hard when you love and care for someone so much and Tiffany truly does this when it comes to LeeAnne. They have a very unique friendship and sometimes I don’t get it but that’s what we do when we love. We forgive, forget and move on. Tiffany just wanted everyone to get along and I appreciated her apology because I do know she had good intentions,” Brandi reveals of the altercation.

After the altercation, Tiffany Hendra ran after her friend to calm her down. Tiffany even yelled at her, telling her that she was always standing up for her. Brandi Redmond has hinted that even Locken and Tiffany don’t really talk these days, so it sounds like her scary behavior may have pushed everyone away. Apparently, charity work is more important than friendships.

“The aftermath of LeeAnne’s behavior left the room buzzing and of course Stephanie shaking and in tears. I think if some people weren’t afraid of LeeAnne, they are now. Just saying, it’s hard to be rational with someone that reacts in an irrational way,” Brandi Redmond reveals in her blog for Bravo.

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Redmond was shocked when LeeAnne walked over to the ladies and confronted them about everything that had been said about her behind her back. According to Radar Online, she lost her temper and threw a drink at her co-stars, not particularly at Brandi Redmond. She didn’t actually throw the drink at anyone in particular, but she did throw it on the floor and it hit someone’s dress. It wasn’t a classy move, and one has to wonder how people see Locken in the charity world after her outrageous behavior. It is definitely not a classy move to throw a drink, especially when comparing it to Redmond’s hat.

It will be interesting to see what will happen especially since rumor has it that Locken isn’t speaking to any of her co-stars, including Brandi Redmond. The drama hasn’t settled, and one can imagine that the drama will continue into the reunion special and possibly during the second season of The Real Housewives of Dallas.

What do you think of Brandi Redmond’s blog about the dramatic showdown with LeeAnne Locken? Would you want to see a second season of the show?

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