Amazon Kindle Oasis Offers Lots Of New Features But It’s Pricey

Amazon Kindle Oasis Offers Lots Of New Features But It's Pricey

Amazon has released its latest Kindle, the Oasis. The release of the Oasis is Amazon’s latest attempt to create an e-reader that comes as close as possible to paper. Amazon released the Kindle in 2007, and although they have continued to add new features to their e-readers, it’s been hard to get users to switch to the latest version.

The Verge reported that the Kindle Oasis comes remarkably close to digital paper. The only drawback to the newest device is that it is expensive. The low-end version costs $289. It does have many advantages though, and it was designed for luxury and comfort, as it was made for those who love to read books.

The device is designed in a way that it is thicker on one side than on another. This makes the center of gravity based on whatever hand is holding it. Holding it is more like holding a mini magazine with the pages folded back. This works when the device is held without its cover.

One thing that makes the Amazon Kindle Oasis different from previous releases is that it comes with a cover. Amazon hasn’t included a cover with any of its devices since 2007. This cover is different, though, and it includes an extra battery and will keep the device charged for an extra two weeks.

As previously reported in The Inquistr, Amazon warned Kindle users that they needed to upgrade the operating software on their devices. The updates primarily affect devices that were made before 2014, and if the users don’t update, they won’t be able to access the internet. Users may add the update software to their operating systems through a manual upgrade if they missed the deadline. It requires plugging the device into a computer and then downloading and installing the software.

Although the low-end Amazon Kindle Oasis costs $289, it comes with ads on the lock screen and only uses Wi-Fi, while the top end model offers 3G and no ads. Another advantage it does have, though, is that it’s 30 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter than Amazon’s last release of a Kindle.

The Economic Times reported that the Amazon Kindle Oasis doesn’t offer users any more value than the Paperwhite, one of Amazon’s previous Kindle offering. Although it has a sleek and lightweight design, a cover with a battery, and hardware page turn buttons, the steep price and its lack of an ambient light sensor to automatically dim the brightness are drawbacks.

The Amazon Kindle Oasis is similar to many of the previously released Kindles in that it offers a six-inch screen. Additional features include the ability to customize the way the page turn buttons work, and these can be changed in the settings. When plugged in, both the device and the battery in the cover can be charged simultaneously, extending the battery life. Because it has 60 percent more LEDs than the Paperwhite and the Voyager, the screen is brighter.

Entry level Kindles currently run for about $49.99, and Amazon recently slashed the prices of many of its models, making it an affordable device with an entry point for just about anyone who wants one. Amazon also offers the Kindle Paperwhite for those looking for a true reading device, as well as the Voyager, a higher end reader with more features.

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