WWE Rumor: Finn Balor To Make Main Roster Debut On May 23 Episode Of 'Raw'

Former NXT Champion Finn Balor has been more than ready to be called up to the main roster for quite some time now. But, WWE has decided to keep the former NJPW star down in their developmental program, however, it looks like that could change towards the end of this month.

After former Bullet Club members Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson made their debut on the main roster, rumors that Finn Balor would be rejoining his NJPW running-mates on WWE's main stage began to go around. Those rumors began to pick up even more steam after Balor surprisingly lost his NXT Championship to Samoa Joe at a non-televised NXT live event.

Following his loss to Joe, Balor told the audience in attendance that he was staying in NXT, and that he was planning on regaining the NXT Championship. His statement was met with a few boos, mostly because he's done everything there is to do in NXT, and the majority of the WWE audience wants to see what he can do on the main roster.

Finn Balor WWE
[Image via WWE]Last year, Balor said that, in his opinion, getting called up to the main roster would be a step back for him. At the time, his focus was building the NXT brand, which he had become the face of. But on Wednesday, Balor said that, if it were up to him, he would've been called up to the main roster a long time ago.

Roman Reigns is set to defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against AJ Styles at WWE Extreme Rules on May 22, and it's pretty safe to assume that both Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson will get involved in that match, just as they did at WWE Payback.

Most are expecting that Gallows and Anderson will end up turning on Styles, which will clear the way for Finn Balor's debut. Some are expecting it to happen at Extreme Rules, but, according to Cageside Seats, Balor's debut will most likely happen on the following night's Raw.

"While there have been plenty of rumors surrounding Finn Balor getting called up to the main roster, apparently the date to look out for is the May 23 episode of Raw."
The natural scenario would be for Gallows and Anderson to cost Styles the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Extreme Rules, which would lead to Balor's debut the next night.

It's unclear where WWE will go with Roman Reigns after Extreme Rules. There's no obvious contender for the WWE World Title, unless the company is planning to move to a three-way feud for the belt, involving Balor and Styles as challengers.

Whether it involves the WWE World Title or not, Balor and Styles will almost certainly be involved in a long-term feud with one another whenever the ex-NXT Champion makes his first main roster appearance.

Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe
[Image via WWE]If Balor does end up debuting on the main roster later this month, he'll still continue to chase after the NXT Championship, as there are plans to have him face Samoa Joe in a steel cage match at the next NXT Takeover event. It'll be the third time in a row that a Joe vs. Balor match has been the main-event of a Takeover show.

Of course, Balor isn't expected to regain the NXT Championship at the next Takeover show, and it's likely that his cage match with Joe will be his NXT swan song.

[Image via WWE]