Jennifer Lawrence Trips Yet Dazzles At ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Premiere

Jennifer Lawrence tripped yet again as a Dior ambassador gracing the London premiere of X-Men: Apocalypse. Lawrence, however, recovered quickly, gaining traction as quickly as the Mystique character she portrays in the movie. Tripping on the red carpet or elsewhere is a reality among celebrity ladies.

After all, the combined pressure of flashing cameras, stiletto heels, and tight-fitting or voluminous ball gowns have the power to disorient even the most skilled, experienced stars and cause them to lose balance. The last time this happened to Lawrence, according to the Telegraph, was on the occasion of the 2013 Oscar Awards when Jennifer ascended the stage to receive her Best Actress trophy for her role in Silver Linings Playbook.

Tripping is understandable if not a forgivable offence, so long as a celebrity knows how to recover quickly. The late Farrah Fawcett and Miss Universe contestants have demonstrated the recovery process for tripping. Jennifer Lawrence has apparently caught on to the trick, as she has still managed to dazzle the paparazzi.

Nonetheless, the Telegraph has been keen to record the London premiere as Miss Lawrence’s fourth case of tripping. But the actress knows only too well that the Dior gown she was wearing was powerful enough to resurrect even the worst case of red carpet accident.

“Lawrence, 25, greeted London’s grey skies (so long heatwave!) in a pale silver satin dress with keyhole neckline and cut-out side panels. The daring gown fastened in a halterneck style before crisscrossing down her back and revealing silver platforms through a bold hem slit. A fire engine red lip and tousled waves finished the ensemble, which was likened to the signature style of Marilyn Monroe.”

Jennifer can count on a Christian Dior outfit to come to her rescue, anyway. She will always wear a Dior gown, as she is under contract to do so. Still, Lawrence’s outspoken nature has not stopped her from talking about her experience with the haute couture clothing line.

She reveals that having a plan B Dior outfit helps her slay the red carpet when the plan A dress malfunctions or becomes a little bit too much for her taste. For her role as Mystique in the X-Men movies, however, she doesn’t mind hours of waiting as the special effects squad transforms her body into a painted sculpture. Apocalypse will be the third and final time she plays the role of the form-switching mutant with fluorescent blue skin and an orange coiffure.

Jennifer Lawrence inherited the role from Rebecca Romjin, who sported the mature Mystique look. As the younger version of the agile and sultry mutant, Lawrence brings her second-to-none skills as an actress to make the transition seamless. No doubt, she will be missed by millions of Mystique fans.

Lawrence’s Hunger Games and, later on, Mockingjay portrayals seem to rub off on her Mystique, infusing the character with a vitality and credibility that will be hard to imagine as possible with the choice of another actress. In X-Men: Apocalypse, Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique plays a pivotal role in pushing her fellow mutants to their limits.

In so doing, she supports Wolverine’s mutant leadership in many ways. Jennifer has been very vocal about how much she enjoys playing the role, and it shows in every portrayal up to its very last.

As the Toronto Sun writes, “Jennifer Lawrence helps propel series to new heights.”

Too bad that Jennifer’s Mystique portrayal ends with Apocalypse, even as the actress is raring and ready for a few more. Unfortunately, the way the way X-Men cookie crumbled, Mystique apparently needs to be retired. Thus, it will be wise for fans of the versatile mutant not to miss the X-Men’s latest movie incarnation if only to see Jennifer Lawrence portray their favorite X-man for the last time. Apocalypse is slated for general release in the United Kingdom on May 18 and hits North American theaters on May 27.

[Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images]