The ‘Less Captivating’ Aspect About Wiz Khalifa’s Revolutionary Cannabis Beer

Wiz Khalifa is one rapper who has really embraced the whole cannabis culture. Currently 28, he has in the past referred to Snoop Dogg as his mentor. Snoop, like Wiz Khalifa, has always loved weed and features it in his songs and videos. Moreover, they both have their own cannabis brands with the former’s going by the name of Leafs By Snoop and the latter’s Khalifa Kush.

Going a bit into their latest exploits, Snoop Dogg recently did an interview with Marlow Stern from the Daily Beast, offering some interesting insight on his love of cannabis. The following is an excerpt illustrating this from the site.

“Upon entering, I notice that Snoop is blunt-less—the rough equivalent of seeing Bono without his sunglasses… A woman emerges from the mystery back room, handing Snoop a freshly rolled blunt. [Snoop speaking] I got a smokin’ team back there! I thought I had a rollin’ team back there, but these n****s just back there smokin’!”

Snoop 'çhillin' with a kitten [Image via Twitter]
Snoop çhillin’ with a kitten [Image via Twitter]
While speaking to Grass City a few years ago, Snoop Dogg opened up about who influenced him into smoking weed, and his answer was his mom and uncle. The following was his statement, according to the site.

“My Mom used to smoke pot, even my uncle smoked weed. Way back in the 1970s, my mom and uncle had small roach clips, and once in a while, they let me smoke it. They had nicknamed me Superb, and they would tell me, Superb, smoke this s**t. I would smoke it for some time, but it was never like someone gave me a formal training on how to smoke.”

Snoop Dogg’s lifestyle seemingly coincides with that of Wiz Khalifa when Esquire visited him in Colorado last year. This was the spectacle as detailed by the site.

“When exiting the elevator, the smell is unmistakable: weed. Pungent. Floral. The good stuff. The source? Wiz Khalifa’s room here in Aspen, Colorado. Upon entering it, you’re greeted by five of his traveling cohorts, and what appears to be nearly a half-pound of marijuana spread out on the table like a Thanksgiving harvest. ‘Gimme that bong!’ Khalifa says, lighting its bowl and filling up the clear glass chamber with enough pot smoke so that it resembles a small jug of milk.”

In January this year, Wiz Khalifa made a song about weed based on Adele’s Hello, while on an interview with Power 106 FM, titling it “Hella-Os”. The following is the video.

Talking to GQ in March, Wiz Khalifa stated that he had not initially planned on going into the marijuana business, but he soon started building his empire around it after figuring out the possibilities.

The following was his statement, according to the site.

“It was never really a goal of mine to get into the business, it developed over the past two or three years and became much more serious. My goal was literally just to get a weed card.

But then I started figuring out what you can do, and it just started making sense. That’s when I started building my business around it. Now we’re at a place where I feel we’re going to be able to do something nobody’s ever done before.”

Wiz Khalifa's 'Stoner face' [Image via Twitter]
Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Stoner face’ [Image via Twitter]
A few days ago, Wiz Khalifa announced a new line of cannabis-infused beer under his “Khalifa Kush” brand. Apparently, the line will include weed-themed carbonated drinks, non-alcoholic cocktails and juice. However, the line will have a drawback in that it won’t get users high. This is because it will feature hemp strains of cannabis, and they don’t have enough THC to get someone high. This is as reported by Green Rush Daily.

[Image via Twitter]

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