May 8, 2016
Jenelle Evans Reconciles With Barbara Evans, 'Teen Mom 2' Star And Mom Start Fresh

Jenelle Evans has had a rocky relationship with her mother, Barbara Evans, since she was introduced to the reality television world. She began on 16 & Pregnant, where she gave birth to her oldest son, Jace. After many poor choices, Evans decided to surrender her son into the care of her mother. Over the course of the last several seasons, fans have watched as Jenelle Evans has grown up slowly. Currently, she is dating a new guy and has been staying out of trouble, but there has still been quite the amount of tension between the Evans women.

Earlier this year, Jenelle Evans' boyfriend called the police on Barbara Evans. There was an alleged confrontation between mother and daughter, and David Eason felt like he needed to step in and protect his lady love. According to Radar Online, Jenelle Evans and Barbara Evans have decided to turn the page and start on a blank slate.

Their relationship has been pretty intense, especially with the issue of custody of Jace. The fact that they want to begin again without all of the baggage of the past alludes to the fact that perhaps Jenelle has grown up a bit over the last year. After losing everything last summer over the break-up with Nathan Griffith, she is in a much better place.

Teen Mom 2 has confirmed Season 8 is happening and that filming has already begun. There were some questions about whether or not Jenelle Evans would sign on again after she was upset over the editing from Season 7. As it turns out, she will be appearing on the next season alongside her mom and boyfriend. With the newly minted reconciliation, there is no telling how the relationship with Barbara Evans will play out, but it may help with the case of who gets to raise Jace. The less tension between mother and daughter, the better it is for Jace.

Currently, there are court proceedings happening for Jenelle regarding custody of Jace and Kaiser. One case is involving Barbara and one against Nathan Griffith. If Evans can convince her mother to agree to something outside of court, that would be a huge win for her.

Season 7 of Teen Mom 2 is currently airing, and Jenelle Evans is currently walking through the custody battle with Nathan Griffith. She has allowed her boyfriend, David Eason, to be the middleman between her and Griffith, which is awkward for some people. There has been a lot of bad things happening between the exes since the beginning of the year. From car theft to Jenelle Evans beating the assault charges with a jury trial, this is stuff you couldn't make up. The reunion was taped just a few weekends ago, and fans will get answers about what is currently happening in Jenelle Evans' life.

With a repaired relationship, it will be interesting to see the dynamic between Jenelle and Barbara Evans. Reports are indicating that they have even done family outings together without any drama. Barbara has apologized to David Eason for the incident back in January, and the two are actually getting along now. This is huge for Jenelle because generally the men she dates do not get her mother's approval, much less her time to spend. Speculations and rumors about who Eason is have come to light through the tabloids, but he has been less trouble for Evans than all of her previous boyfriends.

Jenelle has debunked several reports that she is engaged or pregnant, but those things aren't ruled out for the future. Jenelle Evans and her mom are on the road to getting along, and that is going to improve things in her life immensely.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]