May 8, 2016
WWE News: WWE NXT Star Potentially Suffers Serious Injury At House Show

There's a reason why the WWE tells the audience to never try this at home. Even though it's a pre-determined art form, the moves performed inside the squared circle are dangerous, as well as risky. Anything can happen at anytime to make the situation go from great to horrid. A perfect example came from WWE Payback one week ago. Enzo Amore and Big Cass were in the number one contenders match for the WWE Tag-Team championship.

Simon Gotch, of the Vaudevillians, threw Amore into the ropes and Amore was supposed to go under the ropes, like a baseball slide. However, Gotch tossed Amore too hard and his neck snapped against the bottom rope, forcing Amore to crash onto the floor unconscious. The crowd went from total elation to a sudden silence as Amore wasn't moving on the floor. It was a simple move that was just performed wrong; but, the consequences are always severe.

Enzo Amore
[Image via WWE]Most of the time, accidents occur with newer wrestlers who are still learning to hone their craft. It doesn't happen overnight, which is why extra precaution is always taken when something goes wrong. That was the case with Amore, who suffered a concussion at WWE Payback. When Samoa Joe got busted open against Finn Balor at NXT Takeover Dallas, the medical crew was forced to be extra careful.

A scary situation took place at NXT Citrus Springs on Friday evening. WWE NXT wrestler Kenneth Crawford was in a match with Noah Kekoa when disaster struck in the ring. According to SE Scoops and F4WOnline, Crawford was badly injured in his match and was stretchered out.

"Kenneth Crawford attempted a springboard at Friday's NXT house show in Citrus Springs but slipped and landed bad in the ring. He was then pinned by Noah Kekoa and the referee called for help.

"Trainers tended to Crawford for a few minutes and he was then stretchered out. He was reportedly communicating but not moving his arms or legs. A fan in attendance told that Crawford was flown out for medical attention."

There is no update for Crawford at this time, but the reason for the injury was a badly-attempted springboard. This brings up a great conversation. Was the springboard necessary in the match? Of course, wrestlers want to entertain the crowd and they want to do their best by doing spectacular moves. However, they aren't necessary and don't enhance a match when a good story is told.

With WWE wrestlers dropping from injury left and right, here's the updated list of those who are on the injured reserve list, or have retired because of an ailment: Bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan, Enzo Amore, John Cena, Luke Harper, Neville, Nikki Bella, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Sting and Tyson Kidd. That doesn't even include WWE NXT, where Hideo Itami and Dana Brooke sustained injuries earlier this year.

Hideo Itami
[Image via WWE]Both have been missing for quite a while and there's no update for a return. When will wrestlers stop sacrificing their bodies with high-flying moves in order to remain healthy? The schedule isn't helping at all, which isn't a surprise, and it won't change. WWE superstars know exactly what they're getting into before they sign with WWE.

Pro wrestlers have an intense schedule, and it doesn't allow for fast recovery of nagging injuries. Before Seth Rollins went down, he was doing high-flying moves regularly and it was only a matter of time before his knees gave out at one point. And the inevitable happened, unfortunately. Is the schedule to blame, or is it the moves that WWE superstars perform every night?

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