Roger Clemens Will Pitch On Saturday Night At 50-Years-Old

Roger Clemens is returning to baseball five years after retiring. Before your jaw drops to the floor the seven-time Cy Young winner is playing in a game for the independent Sugar Land Skeeters.

Speaking to the Houston Chronicle the former MLB all-star pitchers longtime agent Randy Hendricks said:

“It is a fun, local, one-time kind of thing. Roger and (Skeeters manager) Gary Gaetti have been talking about this for months.”

Sure its not the New York Yankees or even the Houston Astros for that matter but Astros bullpen catcher Javier Bracamonte who practices with Clemens on Monday said he “looked great” and just like “the same guy I caught six years ago.”

Clemens’ velocity at 50-years-old still managed to reach 87 mph.

The game comes jkust two months after Roger Clemens was acquitted on all charges in his federal perjury trial.

While Roger Clemens left the game he loved there was never an official retirement on the pitchers part.

When asked if Clemens will make his return to baseball Hendricks joked:

“The hitters will let him know Saturday if he should pitch another game.”

Should Clemens return to baseball and rack up a win he would surpass Jamie Moyer who at 49-years-old became the oldest MLB winning pitcher in April 2012.

During his 23-year career Clemens won 354 games while racking up 4,672 strikeouts, third on the all-time MLB strikeout list.

As USA Today points out:

“If he does make it to the major leagues, it would serve the purpose of re-setting his eligibility for the Hall of Fame. Clemens is set to appear on the ballot for the first time this December, along with Barry Bonds.”

Do you think Roger Clemens could return to major league baseball and still rack up wins at 50-years-old? I’m willing to bet at least one or two teams would be willing to give him a shot.