Louis Tomlinson And Briana: Why Do Their Families Fight?

Louis Tomlinson and ex-fling Briana Jungwirth welcomed a baby son earlier this year, as reported by Hollywood Life.

“Louis Tomlinson is officially a father, but there’s major baby mama drama…”

Ever since Briana’s pregnancy was announced, rumors have been flying that she and Louis are on terrible terms, that their families dislike each other, that Louis’ mom, Johannah, has blocked several Jungwirth family members on social media, and even that Briana’s mom, Tammi, ejected Louis from the delivery room when Freddie was being born. (Perhaps this was the reason why Louis took that trip to Sunglass Hut on the day of his son’s birth — some Tomlinson fans were scandalized by those photographs of super-casual Louis with his assistant, Oli.)

Briana’s cousin Ashley shocked many when she gave an interview to Now magazine about her nephew Freddie, Briana, Tomlinson/Jungwirth custody battles and the night she and her friends first met Louis Tomlinson.

“A mutual friend told us he had a table at the club with a couple of guys that wanted some nice girls to join them… Honest to God, we had no idea who Louis Tomlinson was! The only person we knew in One Direction was Harry Styles – but the four of us really clicked and became really close for several months.”

Ashley denied that Briana is asking for exorbitant amounts of money from Louis Tomlinson. The loyal cousin also denied the story that Louis was thrown out of the delivery room by Briana’s mom during Freddie’s birth.

Ashley muses at one point that “I’m not sure what [Louis and Briana] want me to say [about their relationship].” This suggests that she is treading carefully and does not want to offend her cousin and Louis.

Perhaps Ashley was not careful enough — many fans claimed that Briana unfollowed and blocked Ashley on social media in the days after the interview.

Ashley reveals that Louis’ mother Johannah yelled at her, exclaiming, “What are you doing here?!” when Johannah spotted her working at a hotel where Louis and Danielle Campbell were staying.

The Jungwirths were said to be hurt when Louis hooked up with Danielle Campbell while Briana was still pregnant. Louis received a bit of backlash for gallivanting publicly with a new love while Briana, who was still in love with him, was pregnant with his child.

Perhaps Johannah became paranoid about the Jungwirths seeing Louis and Danielle together, knowing how sensitive they are and how much hurt it would cause.

It sounds like Johannah spotted Ashley at the hotel and became furious — Johannah was trying to keep Louis and Danielle under wraps to avoid more backlash, then who does she see at the hotel? Gossipy Ashley Clark, Briana’s cousin!

Briana has demonstrated that she is aware of the importance of infant well-being and of how closely this is tied to a mother’s well-being. Briana urged fans to be kind to her because “this is such a sensitive time in my life.” The stylist also reportedly banned Louis’ new girlfriend, Danielle, from seeing Freddie because it would “confuse him” at the critical time when he is bonding with his mom.

Modern psychologists claim that infant/mother bonding in early life sets the pattern for a person’s relationship style for the rest of the person’s life, according to Psychologist World.

“[A] strong attachment to a caregiver provides a necessary sense of security and foundation. Without such a relationship in place… a great deal of developmental energy is expended in the search for stability and security [during adult life].”

Intriguingly, Louis’ mom, Johannah, has blocked a number of Briana fans who imply that Louis is mistreating Briana and spending too much time with Danielle.

Louis Tomlinson fans also observed that Ashley was putting in her two cents, liking comments made by Briana defenders.

Do you think Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungwirth’s families are fighting?

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