Steve Austin Explains Why He’s Not Interviewing Shane McMahon On May 23

Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s relationship with WWE is always going to be a hot topic among fans. He’s been very outspoken about the current WWE product, and, at times, his outspokenness has temporarily damaged his relationship with the company that helped make him a worldwide superstar.

Last year, after WWE revealed that Chris Jericho would be doing a couple of live podcasts on the WWE Network, fans began to question if Austin and WWE were on good terms, because, up to that point, Austin had always been the host of the network’s live podcasts. But, if there was any heat at all between the two sides, it was resolved, and “Stone Cold” continued on doing podcasts on the network.

Earlier this week it was revealed that Shane McMahon would be doing a “tell all” podcast on the WWE Network, but it wouldn’t be hosted by Steve Austin. Instead, it would be hosted by WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, and once again, Austin’s relationship with WWE was called into question.

Stone Cold Steve Austin
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One of the biggest reasons why fans believed that there was heat between Austin and WWE is because “Stone Cold” criticized last month’s WrestleMania 32 event on his podcast, saying that the show’s main-event, which was the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match between Roman Reigns and Triple H, was way too long.

On Wednesday, Mick Foley explained why WWE asked him to interview Shane McMahon, saying that he was told that Austin had a prior commitment that was preventing him from doing the podcast with Shane O’Mac on May 23.

On this week’s Steve Austin Show – Unleashed podcast, Austin explained why he’s not going to be hosting the advertised “tell all” podcast with Shane McMahon.

“I’m healing up from shoulder surgery, it was very extensive shoulder surgery, and there was an announcement on about Mick Foley hosting a podcast with Shane McMahon. The reason I won’t be doing that podcast is because my wing, the very extensive surgery that reattached my bicep. But I wish Mick Foley all the luck in the world, he’s a great friend of mine, as is Shane McMahon. So, there’s no heat there.”

Austin apparently tore up his shoulder prior to WrestleMania 32, but he agreed to fulfill his obligation anyway. At the show, he dished out a couple of “Stone Cold Stunners,” and in the process, he aggravated the injury.

The WWE Hall of Famer will be in a sling for the next month, and the plan is for him to begin working on his range of motion in three weeks, which is about the time the Shane McMahon interview is scheduled to take place. So, Austin decided to not risk a setback by traveling to Baltimore, Maryland, which is the location for that night’s Raw and the subsequent podcast on the WWE Network.

When ex-UFC middleweight contender Chael Sonnen interviewed Austin on his podcast, You’re Welcome, “Stone Cold” said that WrestleMania 32 may have been his very last in-ring appearance. It’s unclear if that’s because of the severity of his recent shoulder injury, or if he just feels like he can’t top being in front of 101,000 people.

WWE will almost certainly try to get him to be a part of every WrestleMania going forward, but, in the past, Austin has picked his spots wisely. It doesn’t seem likely that he’ll be a part of next year’s show in Orlando, Florida. But, you never know.

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