Nicki Minaj Might Judge American Idol

International rap star Nicki Minaj is no stranger to giving people her piece of mind. The rap star, who’s made more appearance supporting her tiny dancing fans Rosie and Sophia Grace on Ellen, is reportedly set to join the judges panel on American Idol.

Minaj, who just might take her rightful seat next to the diva herself, Mariah Carey, seems like the perfect fit to ruffle a few feathers on the judges panel. The question remains if she’ll be able to dole out sound advice to the superstar hopefuls. It seems like she might, or at least that’s what Idol producers are thinking.

A source close to the set told Us weekly, “I’m not sure the deal is completely done yet, but yes, she is definitely doing it. A few more slight things to sign off on but it is happening.” However, a second source close to the production says that Minaj, 29, is “a done deal.” According to the same source, Randy Jackson, a veteran judge that’s been with the show since day one, will be phased into a “mentor role” for the contestants, giving advice in the studio during rehearsals.

In addition to Minaj, pop singer Nick Jonas and rap producer Pharrell Williams are also being considered to join Mariah Carey. Jonas all but confirmed that he was up for the American Idol challenge, tweeting about his involvement to his followers, I am being considered to be a judge on American Idol,” Jonas wrote. “And it would be a dream come true if it happens.”

With Mariah Carey on board already, and Minaj, Williams, Jonas circling the American Idol panel, the question remains who will take the reigns and be the quintessential Simon Cowell of the group?