‘A Mother’s Revenge’: LMN’s ‘Accidental Switch’ Mother’s Day Weekend Movie Airs Tonight, Starring Jamie Luner

A Mother’s Revenge is a sensational new movie that is coming to the Lifetime Movie Network tonight. TheInquisitr recently reported on LMN’s Where’s My Baby, which airs this Sunday. A Mother’s Revenge is about a mother who accidentally picks up the wrong suitcase at the airport and the cat and mouse game that follows after the owner of the suitcase threatens to kill her if she doesn’t return it. The 2016 TV flick is directed and written by Fred Olen Ray. Formerly titled Accidental Switch, A Mother’s Revenge stars Jamie Luner as Jennifer Clarke, Steven Brand as Conner, Audrey Whitby as Katey Williams, Gerald Webb as Detective Leland Ford, Jason-Shane Scott as Richard Williams, Richard Lounello as Detective Joe Jacobs, Byron W. Brown as Mayor Brown, Mary-Kate O’Connell as Sarah, Jay A. Wollin as Carny, Debbie Rochon as Nancy, and Chelsea London Lloyd as Sherri, according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

LMN’s A Mother’s Revenge (Accidental Switch) Movie Synopsis

A Mother’s Revenge follows Jennifer Clarke, a middle-aged but attractive mother who is traveling to New York for her daughter’s upcoming graduation. Excited to see her daughter after several long months, Jennifer assures her that the flight should arrive right on time. But what should have started out as an uneventful flight turns to disaster after Jennifer loses her luggage because she picked up the wrong bag. After notifying the airline about the mix-up, her only hope is that her bag is returned to her in time to make the graduation. When her cell phone rings, she is sure that it’s the airline, stating that they’ve found her suitcase. Instead, the call is from a madman who tells her that he is holding her daughter hostage and that she must return the suitcase as soon as possible. Frantic with worry, Jennifer looks inside the suitcase and realizes that she has crossed paths with a killer. Now, she knows there is no way she’s giving up the bag without finding her daughter first. Will Jennifer and her daughter stay alive during this cat and mouse game or will this accidental switch be the death of them?


Actress Jamie Luner’s Bio, according to SoapOperaDigest.

“Jamie Luner began acting at the age of three (her mother, an actress, served as her manager). She attended the Professional Children’s School in Manhattan, but graduated from Beverly Hills High School. After her Aaron Spelling series SAVANNAH was cancelled in 1997, she spent 10 months traveling the country in an Airstream trailer. Her first professional gig was at the age of three in a commercial for Crown tissues, playing Suzanne Somers’ daughter.”

Actor Steven Brand’s Bio, according to IMDB.

“Steven Brand experienced film for the first time in a drive-in cinema in Kenya. In 2002, having worked extensively in theatre, film and television in the UK, Steven was brought over to the US to star in Universal’s The Scorpion King. Following the success of his debut movie in the US, Steven’s work has included the HBO series ‘The Mind of the Married Man’, Stephen King’s ‘Diary of Ellen Rimbauer,’ ‘Treasure Raiders’ (2006), ‘Say It In Russian’ (2006) with Faye Dunnaway, and XII (2007).”


A Mother’s Revenge was filmed in Buffalo, New York and is produced by Marvista Entertainment/Warner VOD with Christopher Ray, Fred Olen Ray, and Gerald Webb as producers on the film. Tune into A Mother’s Revenge, aka Accidental Switch, tonight at 8 p.m. on Lifetime Movie Network. This movie should not be confused with the 1993 movie by the same title, starring Lesley Ann Warren, which was a true story based on the book by Richard Speight.

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