Beyonce’s ‘Daddy Lessons’ Sparks Mixed Reactions In The Country Music Community

Beyoncé caused quite a stir with the April 23 release of her new visual album, Lemonade. From infidelity speculations to “Becky with the good hair” drama, the internet was left buzzing.

It also seems a track from Beyoncé’s album has left a sour taste in the mouths of some within the country community. The Texas-born pop star has been criticized for venturing too close to the country genre by some and defended by others.

CMT writer, Alison Bonaguro, slammed the idea that Beyoncé’s “Daddy Lessons” is a country song at all in her review days after the release of Lemonade. In her opinion, “this song is no more country than her ‘Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It).'”

With its dark, powerful lyrics referencing guns, whiskey, and Beyoncé’s home state of Texas, Bonaguro described the song’s message as something along the lines of Miranda Lambert’s “Gun Powder & Lead” or “Kerosene.” However, that’s where the country vibe stops for her. She went on to point out that Beyoncé didn’t even write “Daddy Lessons” with Nashville-based songwriters or record it in a Tennessee studio.

“Sure, Beyoncé’s new album Lemonade has a song with some yee-haws, a little harmonica and mentions of classic vinyl, rifles and whiskey. But all of the sudden, everyone’s acting like she’s moved to Nashville and announced that she’s country now. Just because of this song ‘Daddy Lessons.'”

Another CMT writer, Claire Heinichen, later weighed in saying, “‘Daddy Lessons’ is everything I expect from a great country song.” She explained that in her opinion, a country song is about the story and feeling behind it. She feels “Daddy Lessons” fits well with Beyoncé’s Texas upbringing and notes there is no law stating that country music has to be written or recorded in Nashville.

“The song, which tells the story of a Texas upbringing accompanied by a prominent acoustic guitar, feels honest and intriguing, and like Beyoncé is giving me a window into her life. It may not have been written or recorded in Music City, but it echos the sound and sentiment of songs I hear here every day.”

Outspoken country star and The Voice coach, Blake Shelton, defended Beyoncé in a way only he can. ET spoke with Shelton backstage at The Voice on Monday where he offered his harsh opinion of Beyoncé’s critics. He even offered Beyoncé some candid advice on exactly how he would handle the situation.

“People that criticize can kiss my a**. That’s what I say. I can’t believe people that don’t contribute to music that criticize music, it just blows my mind and Beyoncé — tell them to kiss that a**, is what I would do.”

Country or not, “Daddy Lessons” has already been covered by a country group. The Dixie Chicks showed their support of Beyoncé’s country-style song by performing it on stage in Manchester, England, on April 30.

Rolling Stone describes the song as “more Americana than country,” and reports “Daddy Lessons” is the only track from Lemonade that Beyoncé produced solo. The country-inspired tune was co-written with Wynter Gordon, Kevin Cossom, and Alex Delicata.

What do you think of Beyoncé’s “Daddy Lessons?” Is it country, not country, or somewhere in between?

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