STELLAR Praised For Professionalism During Backtrack Incident During Live Performance Of ‘Marionette’

Back in 2011, a minimally-known entertainment label known as The Entertainment Pascal formed a new idol girl group consisting of four members. Originally consisting of Gayoung, Jeonyul, and the members of idol duo Honeydew (Leeseul and JoA), the latter half were replaced by Minhee and Hyoeun. Thus, Stellar was formed.

Despite the fact Stellar performed some solid songs early in their career, they had a troublesome time getting recognized in the K-pop community. A lack of exposure plus a lack of sales contributed to their struggles and they could not afford a dance studio to practice, a vehicle for transportation, or even meals. As a result, Stellar put everything on the line with “Marionette,” a song in which they also decided an attempt to do a sexy concept. Though the song and music video were constantly argued, it did receive a lot of traction and became a hit. That was surely good news for K-pop fans, especially those who liked Stellar before because they thought “Marionette” was going to be their retirement song.

Utilizing the sexy concept has become the modus operandi for Stellar to create hit K-pop songs such as “Vibrato” and “Sting,” which often caused other important parts of the group, such as their professionalism and dedication, to take a back seat. However, an incident happened during a live event while Stellar was performing “Marionette.” The backtrack suddenly cut off, causing the idol group to hold a pose for a bit of time. Once Stellar realized what happened, they finished the song a capella. This act has garnered plenty of praise among the K-pop community for their professionalism and patience.

According to AllKpop, Stellar recently had a performance in which they performed “Marionette.” Near the end of the song, a situation happened in which the backtrack for the song suddenly repeated itself followed by stopping completely. During that moment, Stellar and the dancers froze in place repeating the skipped part on the track. Hyoeun sand the same line over and over again until the backtrack cut out, as shown in the video starting at the 2:50 mark.

As shown above, Stellar and the dancers compose themselves after the backtrack cuts out and they continue their set a capella. The audience, thoroughly entertained, cheered on the girls and even helped out by clapping to the beat of the song. Once finished, Stellar thanked everyone for supporting them and they received admiration.

The video of Stellar’s patience and professionalism can only do good for them, kind of like how the video of GFriend’s performance of “Me Gustas Tu,” the one Yuju fell down eight times and SinB fell down once, did them good. It was reported earlier that Stellar really doesn’t want to be known as the idol girl group doing nothing but sexy concepts. They want to be taken seriously for all the music they do. Now that a video of their live performance snafu is circulating the internet, especially on YouTube, they can finally be noticed beyond their sexy concepts.

Stellar’s live performance was most likely in accordance to the promotions of their latest comeback released earlier this year, their third sexy concept music video (though toned down a bit) titled “Sting.” It was released as part of their second mini-album (extended play) on January 18, also of the same name. It reached No. 13 on the peak chart position and sold more than 2,722 albums, more than their first mini-album. The title song did not surpass “Marionette” on the Korean chart or in digital downloads, though, but it at least did better than “Vibrato.”

[Image via The Entertainment Pascal/Stellar’s Promotions for Sting]