ABC’s ‘The Catch’ Spoilers: Is The Show About To Kill Its First Major Character?

ABC’s The Catch showcases some of the world’s best con-artists at work against the world’s best private investigators. In the show’s most recent episode, “The Ringer,” a game of cards was used to illustrate that even those who claim to be the best at what they do can still get short-changed.

After setting the table, Rhys Bishop (John Simm), Benjamin Jones (Peter Krause), and Reginald Lennox III (Alimi Ballard) appear to be getting on well with the game. They let their invited guest, Teddy Seavers, reprised by the guest star in The Catch (Michael Welch), to win the first round.


Seavers is a rich man who likes gambling, and he has no idea whether the three players he is gambling with are working together, not to mention that there are even hidden cameras, which Margot Bishop (Sonya Walger) is using to manipulate the game in conjunction with Rhys, Ben, and Reggie.

Nonetheless, tables are turned when Rhys decides to fold instead of winning the game. So Seavers takes the win, as Rhys spills his drink in the process damaging the cameras. At this point, Ben and company must win that money back using other means.

Thankfully, Ben still had a trick or two under his sleeve and he manages to clean Seavers in one last all-in fortune game. So after the win, they celebrate. The three partners decide to share a bottle of whiskey, only to realize that it’s water in the bottle and not alcohol.


This jumps Margot’s mind as she realizes that after all that time, Rhys was never drunk. He was drinking water. So why? As it turns out he had another agenda.

All of the gambling was nothing more than a plot by Rhys to distract Seavers from meeting with a major U.S. investor who owns a line of hotels in the country. Rhys takes this opportunity to buy 50 percent ownership in the hotels, which gives him a reason to spend more time in the country while expanding his family’s business empire.

Incidentally, Margot was the one supposed to expand the business in the U.S. and so she is not happy with Rhys’ decision. However, Rhys accuses her of failing in that respect before revealing a photo of Alice Vaughan (Mireille Enos), which he took after tailing Ben to a nearby park. Alice is a past victim of Margot and Ben’s activities.


Margot now knows that Ben has yet to cut ties with a target from the past, which makes it dangerous for the business. As such, Alice Vaughan now becomes a target again, but this time, the mission might not be about fleecing her company, Anderson and Vaughan Investigations, or AVI, but rather to terminate her.

In the final stages of The Catch, Episode 7, Vaughan seeks a therapist to help ventilate all that she has been through in the recent past. Margot Bishop turns out to be the fake therapist and straight away begins asking the questions.


Now, the teaser promo for The Catch Season 1, Episode 8, titled “The Package,” Alice incidentally reveals everything she has planned for the organization, which Ben works for. She also admits her feeling towards Ben not knowing that Margot and Ben are not just partners, but they are actually together intimately. So does this drive Margot into killing Alice Vaughan? Vaughan is a lead character in The Catch and it would be a masterstroke if the showrunners killed her.

The teaser for “The Package” also reveals a conversation between Margot and her brother, Rhys, discussing whether or not to kill Alice. Or do they go for Benjamin Jones, the man who has led her to their organization? No, despite his mistakes, Ben is very important and both Margot and Rhys seem to fancy him as their partner in crime. So what do you think fans of ABC’s The Catch? Will Alice Vaughan survive the onslaught? It will all be clearer after The Catch, Episode 8, so watch out for “The package.”

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