‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nathan Fights For His Life, Franco Begs Nina For A Second Chance, And Michael Makes A Decision About Sabrina

As May sweeps storylines are kicked into high gear on General Hospital, the spoilers tease that three couples could face issues in their relationships. Maxie and Nathan continue to have trust issues in their relationship. Franco begs Nina for another chance and vows to be more considerate of her feelings. Michael makes a decision about Sabrina and their future together.


On Friday, May 6, General Hospital showed a horrific car accident that will impact the health of Nathan West. Apparently, he will be rushed to the hospital with serious injuries and his family and loved ones worry that he may not make it.

Maxie is unaware that the love of her life has been in a car accident. She continues to search for clues that will lead her to Claudette. Maxie tried to let it go, but she can’t stop thinking about Nathan’s past lover. General Hospital spoilers explain that she continues to try to locate Nathan’s ex even after promising him that she will stop the investigation. When she discovers that Nathan was in a terrible car accident while she was snooping in his past without his permission, she will feel terrible.

“Maxie sort of has been her own worst enemy where this matter is concerned. She gets good advice from Lulu and she cannot let Nathan’s past go, and decides to investigate further. And even if Maxie is willing to let the whole thing go, you never know what may come back and haunt them, anyway.”


General Hospital spoilers hint that Franco will ask Nina for another chance. Lately, the couple has had a hard time, but he isn’t ready to let Nina go just yet. They both have been looking to the future and it seems as if they want different things. One of their biggest problems is they can’t see the big picture.

ABC Soaps In Depth stated that Franco gave her a puppy as a way to make amends with her, but it failed miserably. They can still find a common ground and start fresh, but it’ll take patience and work. In her perspective, only one thing will make her change her mind about her relationship with Franco. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nina needs him to agree to have (or adopt) a baby with her.

“Franco thinks they should be enough for each other, but Nina’s not so sure.”


ABC Soaps In Depth reported that Michael and Sabrina have work to do to figure out if they want to continue their relationship or separate for good. They have many issues to work out between them and one of those is Michael’s concerns about having a role in raising Carlos’ child. Despite their genuine feelings for each other, they will have to decide if their relationship is worth saving in the long run.

“Despite their feelings for each other, we’ll have to see if their up for the challenge of conquering the obstacles in order to find happiness with each other.”


General Hospital writers stated that Liz Webber will find love and find a way to move on from Jason. Since her painful break-up with Jake/Jason, she’s been licking her wounds and gaining her strength. Apparently, she may be ready to dive into a new relationship, and it could happen in the next few weeks.

“While she’s not looking for love, you never know when it could strike.”

As long as they don’t pair her up with Franco, the fans are prepared to see Liz in another relationship. Voice your opinion about General Hospital in the comments section below, and come back later for more juicy soap opera spoilers, news, and updates.

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