Lisa Vanderpump Responds To Brandi Glanville’s Abuse Lie Accusation, Ken Todd Says He Has Right To Defend Lisa

Lisa Vanderpump has responded to Brandi Glanville’s accusation that she lied about having experienced physical abuse at the hands of an ex. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after Part 3 of the Season 6 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show aired on Tuesday night, Brandi accused Lisa of lying about having been physically hurt by an ex twice when she was 19.

Brandi tweeted that she remembers that after she slapped Lisa during the group’s Amsterdam trip in Season 5, Lisa said that no one in her life had ever touched her that way. Brandi added that Lisa’s statement was on film.

One of Lisa’s supporters told Brandi that Lisa had such a strong reaction to the slap precisely because of her abuse experience. On Thursday, Lisa responded to that supportive tweet by providing details of what she went through. Lisa elaborated that she had hands around her neck, which resulted in bruises, but wasn’t hit.


When another viewer tweeted to Brandi that she needs to educate herself before speaking on domestic violence, Brandi hinted that she has experienced it herself. Brandi maintained that she’s only pointing out that Lisa lied.

“I know more about it then I will EVER f**king say! Im only speaking about a liar nothing more#Caught on tape! #rollit”

Lisa’s husband, Ken Todd, was made aware of Brandi Glanville’s accusation. In response to Lisa’s tweet that elaborated on the abuse she suffered, a viewer reminded her that she now has a great man in Ken. He retweeted that tweet.


On the reunion show, Lisa teared up and could barely speak as she talked about how she left a relationship after being hurt twice. As for why she didn’t ever share her experience with the other housewives, especially after Eileen Davidson revealed her domestic abuse history, Lisa said that it wasn’t her nature to dwell on the past. Lisa said that she didn’t even cry after it happened and that she only spoke about it once with Ken.


On the Season 6 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show, Lisa Vanderpump’s husband came up again when host Andy Cohen pointed out that Ken has no qualms about letting his feelings regarding the other housewives known. The topic of Ken calling Lisa Rinna nasty names after Lisa told him of what happened during the Dubai trip came up. Lisa R. read out the names that Ken called her, which included “stupid b**ch,” “not the full ticket,” and “wanker.” Lisa R. said that if her husband called any of the women such names, she would be so appalled that she would vomit.

When Andy asked Lisa if she’s appalled by what Ken said, Lisa hesitated before saying no. Lisa defended Ken by saying that he was mad about what happened. Andy asked Lisa if she would be mad if Lisa R.’s husband, Harry Hamlin, said such things about her. Lisa admitted that she would be. Lisa also grudgingly admitted that perhaps Ken does owe Lisa R. an apology for calling her such names.


Will Ken Todd actually apologize to Lisa Rinna? It doesn’t seem so. Since the Season 6 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion show aired, Ken has retweeted tweets from fans that state that he was right to lash out at Lisa R. after she accused Lisa Vanderpump of being a manipulator. In response to one fan who tweeted that Ken’s a great husband who has the right to defend his wife and call “a b**ch a b**ch,'” Ken responded that she’s right.

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