Kylie Jenner To Sabotage Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna '$10 Million Wedding': 'KUWTK' Star Ready To Wed Tyga?

Maurice Cassidy

While Blac Chyna may have ended her feud with the Kardashians, Kylie Jenner is still acting bitter about the upcoming marriage between the socialite and her 29-year-old brother, Rob.

A report alleges that the reality star is desperately pushing for rapper Tyga to put a ring on her finger so that they can get married and have a wedding twice as big as Rob and Chyna's.

As ridiculous as it sounds, the source reveals that Kylie doesn't want to be overshadowed by Chyna, who has made millions through her public relationship with Rob, having been gifted a Lamborghini, a $750,000 engagement ring, and allegedly finalized a $700,000 deal to appear on Keeping Up With the Kardashians this season.

— Hollywoodopolis (@Hollywoodopolis) May 6, 2016

"This is Kylie's new obsession — to make Blac and Rob's wedding look like a trashy club night," a source explained. "Kylie's now digging deep for any intel on Blac's wedding so she can make sure hers is totally different."

Reports allege that Rob Kardashian plans on having his entire family at his upcoming summer wedding despite the fact that the Kardashians have had their issues with Blac in the past. Everyone, including Kim, is said to have put their differences aside and have acknowledged the fact that Chyna has actually been really good to Rob since they started dating in January.

— Daily Star (@Daily_Star) April 27, 2016

Rob reportedly hit his heaviest when he weighed more than 290 lbs. Since getting with Chyna, however, Kardashian has dropped down to 230 lbs. The sock designer believes that he'll be in great shape by the time their wedding day comes around, which the couple has yet to announce.

Regarding Kylie Jenner's plans to outdo Blac Chyna's wedding, a source added that the family is "now worried they're going to end up with two bad marriages on their hands. The main fear is that Kylie and Blac are going full force with their respective relationships just because of this ridiculous rivalry between them."

— newsaiya (@hhaiya50) April 27, 2016

All this feuding is bound to make an exciting season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, which continues this Sunday on E!.

Further on that matter, Rob and Chyna have reportedly been approached to document their entire wedding for reality TV, and are expected to make an incredible $10 million — enough to cover all of their expenses for their big day. Kylie Jenner supposedly doesn't think the wedding is worth that amount, assuring herself that when she ties the knot with Tyga, she will have had the best ceremony of them all.

The 18-year-old has yet to respond to reports claiming that she is anything but happy for her 29-year-old brother, who has already told his famous siblings that Chyna is the love of his life, adding that there is nothing they can do to prevent the wedding from taking place.

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