Amal Clooney Threatened By Julia Roberts?

Longtime pals and current co-stars in the soon-to-released thriller Money Monsters, Julia Roberts and George Clooney, have found themselves at the center of controversy since rumors have started that Amal Clooney feels threatened by the “pretty woman.”

OK! recently reported that Amal wants nothing to do with the veteran actress and close friend to George after an apparent source shared about the jealousy that has surfaced due to the pals’ relationship.

Gossip Cop relays the details from the tabloid tale.

“Amal wants nothing to do with the actress. A so-called ‘source’ tells the tabloid that the human rights lawyer told her husband to “keep at least three feet between [her and Roberts] on the red carpet and at premieres. The magazine’s seemingly phony source adds, ‘Amal was already so paranoid about Julia, she visited the Money Monster set several times. George actually thought they were striking up a friendship, but now he sees that Amal wanted to keep tabs on him'”

The celebrity gossip policing site was sure to get to the bottom of the rumors and shares that after contacting a reliable source close to Clooney and his barrister wife, Amal, the rumors are completely “fabricated” and have no truth to them. Amal, in short, does not harbor any sort of hostility toward Julia Roberts.

OK! magazine’s inaccurate details about Amal and Julia are followed by a similar story that was circulating earlier this year that indicated Clooney was reportedly not a fan of George’s supermodel pal, Cindy Crawford. Gossip Cop was also sure to put those rumors to bed by verifying from reps that the claims were simply untrue.

The way that George Clooney constantly gushes over Amal definitely makes it obvious that the beauty has nothing to be threatened by. She has the former unsettled handsome bachelor on her arm for keeps, and he is as smitten with Amal as he was the day they wed over a year ago.

The 54-year-old raved about his 38-year-old gorgeous and intelligent wife while being interviewed by Esquire.

The Daily Mail shares his words.

“I’ve never been happier in a relationship by any stretch of the imagination. At 52, I found the love of my life and I’m really happy.”

Clooney continued that Amal has turned the Gravity star into a “man at [his] best.” The two exchanged vows on September 27, 2014, in Venice, Italy in front on Matt Damon, U2 frontman Bono, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Rande Gerber, Cindy Crawford, and Bill Murray.

Bill Murray made a touching speech at the couple’s wedding, the publication reported.

Clooney shares about the said speech.

“Bill’s oddly emotional. He’s incredibly warm and emotional. He gave a toast at our wedding that was so elegant and beautiful and warm and he’s such a loving individual. And he’s adaptable to any place he goes. Everybody’s life is a puzzle that’s missing this one piece, and he fits in each time.”

Since the couple tied the knot, they have also joined forces in the fight for human rights. The Clooneys are advocates for assistance with the refugee crisis, George really hasn’t slowed down at all in his acting career either, as the Mail shares. He is focused on his projects and advocacy, which leaves little time to focus on bringing a baby into the equation.

“Now five months shy of their second wedding anniversary, George is talking of leaving his legacy to the world – and it doesn’t involve the pitter patter of little feet. Besides ‘seven or eight films that will stand the test of time,’ Clooney is working to help refugees and others in dire need.”

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]