‘The 100’ Season 3, Episode 15 Extended Promo: A Character Returns To Help Clarke?

The 100 Season 3, Episode 15 is titled “Perverse Instantiation – Part One” and is the first of a two-part season finale. What can fans expect when the episode airs on The CW network next Thursday? The synopsis and an extended promo don’t give much information, but there are still a few clues.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the last episode revealed ALIE has become more powerful. Raven tried to get to ALIE’s kill switch while in the mainframe. Unfortunately, ALIE was one step ahead, which means the A.I. is still a big problem.

The 100 Season 3, Episode 14 had Luna continuing to reject the flame. The episode titled “Red Sky At Morning” also informed viewers about the newly discovered Grounder clan.


With things not getting any better for the Sky Crew, what can fans expect next week? The synopsis for “Perverse Instantiation – Part One” has been released. It doesn’t give too much information, but it does tease some hope for Clarke and the others.

“Clarke (Eliza Taylor) finds hope in the most unlikely place,” Carter Matt wrote regarding the press release for The 100 Season 3, Episode 15. “Meanwhile, ALIE’s (guest star Erica Cerra) master plan comes together.”

Just because Clarke and ALIE are the only characters mentioned in the synopsis doesn’t mean others won’t be featured. Since “Perverse Instantiation – Part One” is a two-part season finale, it is an attempt to build anticipation and limit spoilers.

Thankfully, preview clips can give clues on what to expect. Spoiler TV shared the extended promo for “Perverse Instantiation – Part One,” which reveals that one character will return. That individual is Roan, who is briefed by Clarke on what is happening. She makes it clear that ALIE isn’t just after certain people, but ALIE is a threat to everyone. Clarke also informs Roan that, if one of ALIE’s army sees or hears something, then they all do.


Roan seems willing to help. The “Perverse Instantiation – Part One” extended promo clip shows Roan leading Clarke with her hands bound and mouth gagged. Bellamy isn’t thrilled with Roan helping, but what choice does he have? After Bellamy’s actions earlier in Season 3, some still have not regained any trust for Octavia’s brother. Clarke knows she can trust Roan, and they have an understanding and respect for one another.

The extended promo for The 100 Season 3, Episode 15 also shows Indra announcing “they are here.” Murphy looks prepared to do something, but nervous at the same time. As for Kane, he is going after someone and has his gun aimed. The end of the promo clip for “Perverse Instantiation – Part One” should have viewers nervous. Many of the characters are in separate locations, but they have weapons drawn. Bellamy says that something is wrong, and there is an explosion inside a building. Will the blast cause the deaths of any fan-favorite characters in The 100?

The synopsis for The 100 Season 3 finale, titled “Perverse Instantiation – Part Two” has also been released. There are few details in the press release, but it does tease a huge battle will take place. However, will the Sky Crew win the war or will ALIE continue to be a problem in Season 4 of The 100?

“In the season’s epic and mind-bending conclusion, our heroes begin to face the reality of their tragic situation,” Grounders Source wrote regarding the Season 3 finale of The 100. “Everyone prepares for a final showdown.”

What will happen with Clarke, ALIE and the others in “Perverse Instantiation – Part One?” Find out when The CW network airs The 100 Season 3, Episode 15 on May 12.

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