Gwen Stefani Stars In Justin Timberlake’s New Music Video, Works On ‘Secret’ Video Of Her Own

Gwen Stefani sat in the passenger seat during her star-studded Carpool Karaoke ride, but she’s the one behind the wheel in Justin Timberlake’s new music video. Gwen makes a cameo in the video for “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” a song from the Trolls movie soundtrack. She only has a small role in Justin Timberlake’s celebrity-stuffed video, but there’s growing evidence that she’s working on her own “secret” music video. And based on a glamorous behind-the-scenes photo, she’ll definitely be the star of that one.

Late Thursday night, Justin Timberlake dropped the music video for “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” his first new song since 2013. In the video below, Justin and his famous costars show off a few of their best dance moves after he turns on the new track at a party. Gwen Stefani gets her groove on in the car, while her Carpool Karaoke buddy James Corden busts a move in front of an L.A. backdrop. Anna Kendrick, Ron Funches, Kunal Nayyar, Anna Kendrick, and Icona Pop also make cameos dancing at various other locations.

As Rolling Stone reports, Gwen Stefani and the other celebrities in the “Can’t Stop the Feeling” music video all voice characters in Dreamworks’ upcoming Trolls movie. Gwen’s character is a pink troll named DJ Suki who is described on the Trolls Facebook page as “the master beat behind every Trolls song!”

Justin Timberlake is executive producing the Trolls movie in addition to voicing one of the animated characters and contributing to the soundtrack. The movie is set to be released on November 4, and Billboard reports that the soundtrack will drop on September 23. Unfortunately for Gwen Stefani fans, there’s no word on whether the record will feature Gwen’s vocal talents.

Before Gwen’s fans get to see her as an orange-haired mythical creature, they might get to see her go old Hollywood glam in a new music video. This week, Gwen Stefani reportedly filmed a music video for an unknown song from her new album, This Is What the Truth Feels Like. According to Popsugar, the video will have a “very 1950’s melodrama sensibility,” and it will likely tackle a very tough subject: her ex-husband’s alleged extramarital affair with one of their children’s nannies.

On Wednesday, Beacon Street Online shared what may be a behind-the-scenes photo from the new music video. It was posted on Instagram that same day by Aladdin Ishmael, a photographer who previously worked with Gwen Stefani on her live music video for “Make Me Like You.” As you can see, Ishmael’s Instagram post includes the hashtags “#secretproject” and “#itsawrap.”

The date the photo was posted matches up with the dates Gwen Stefani was supposed to be working on her next music video, and her costume does have a “very 1950’s melodrama sensibility.” Gwen looks like a glam goddess of the silver screen with her black feather boa and matching gloves, and her perfectly sculpted hairstyle is very old Hollywood.

The elegant woman Gwen Stefani is portraying in her new video is probably going to get wronged, and what happens to her will likely echo Gwen’s own experiences. Popsugar describes the video’s three main characters as “a stylish mother,” “a good-looking philanderer,” and an “attractive young woman.” The younger woman is reportedly named Nanny, which is an obvious reference to Mindy Mann, the nanny that Gwen’s husband allegedly cheated on her with. The handsome philander is probably based on Gavin Rossdale, and there’s no doubt that the “stylish mother” is Gwen. Unfortunately for Blake Shelton fans, the list of characters does not include a charming cowboy.

Gwen Stefani told Entertainment Weekly that her most recent single from This Is What the Truth Feels Like, “Misery,” is about her relationship with Blake Shelton. Because it’s a happy love song about the beginning of a relationship, many Stefani fans believe Gwen’s new music video about the demise of one must be for a different song. “Naughty” and “Red Flag” are seemingly about Gavin Rossdale, so they’re two possibilities.

Which song would you like to see Gwen Stefani’s new music video set to?

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