'Captain America: Civil War': There Are A Ton Of Easter Eggs In Marvel's Latest Movie -- Check Them Out

It's the movie that everyone has been waiting for, and Captain America: Civil War has finally arrived in theaters. With the film being released internationally last week, the mid- and post-credits scenes info had gotten out, and they are the same for the domestic release. Now, the Easter Eggs, hidden secrets, and Marvel inside jokes are becoming known and there are a lot of them.

Please let it be known that there are SPOILERS ahead for Captain America: Civil War. If you have not yet seen the film or simply don't want to know without watching it, then stop reading now.

These are not all of the Easter Eggs in the movie, but it's hard to catch every single one of them in just your first viewing. Some sites such as What Culture believe there are a number of issues with Civil War, but fans may find them hard to discover with all the fun happening on the screen.

1. Vision is quite the debonair android, and it shows in the clothes he wears. Back in the comic books of the '70s and '80s, Vision tried to fit in when he was around the base of The Avengers and that meant putting on some different clothes. Civil War has him ready for an office job or cocktail party at any given moment.

2. Hawkeye and Ant-Man team up for a truly fanboy moment, and it happens during the huge airport battle as many Easter Eggs do in Civil War. The duo works together to recreate the classic cover of The Avengers #223, where Ant-Man hitches a ride on one of Hawkeye's arrows.

marvel captain america civil war easter eggs ant-man
[Image via Marvel]3. The relationships really do start to take shape in Civil War, and it shows in more than one way. Yes, fans have seen Hulk and Black Widow have their little thing, but these relationships are newer and blossoming.

One picks up from where it started in Avengers: Age of Ultron and continues to grow as Vision and Scarlet Witch get much closer. The other relationship is one that started a little in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and now Agent Sharon Carter and Captain America really do get closer than anyone thought would happen.

4. Speaking of Sharon Carter, there is a truly awesome moment during the funeral for Peggy Carter. As Sharon is speaking about her aunt, she remembers a lesson that Peggy taught her. With that, she repeats the final portion of the truly memorable "No, you move" speech given by Captain America.

Yes, Agent Carter doesn't appear in the film, but she does pass away.

5. Scott Lang may not have ever turned into Giant-Man in the comic book, but he does it during the huge battle in Civil War. It's quite a turning point in the film, and it isn't just for a minute or two. Giant-Man causes some havoc, and it looks incredibly believable and fits in nicely.

6. That Easter Egg leads into a really humorous reference as Spider-Man shows his age and asks everyone if they've seen the classic film, The Empire Strikes Back. He helps take down Giant-Man in the exact same way that the Rebels on Hoth took down the AT-ATs.

marvel captain america civil war easter eggs
[Image via Marvel]7. On more than one occasion, Bucky Barnes (The Winter Soldier) does get a hold of Captain America's shield and uses it quite well. That could be a sign of things to come and a possible promotion for Bucky in future films.

8. Red Wing makes an appearance, but it is an updated version of Falcon's friend. In the comics, fans know that he does have an actual falcon, of the same name, that accompanies him all the time. In the movie, it's a red falcon-shaped drone that has a lot more skills and uses.

9. Stan Lee makes his appearance, and it's a real fun one. It happens near the end of the film, and he's your friendly, neighborhood FedEx man who has no idea who Tony Stank -- errr -- Stark is.

10. One of the best scenes of the Civil War comic book comes to life on the big screen, and it is masterfully done.

marvel captain america civil war easter eggs iron man
[Image via Marvel]It's one of the most iconic scenes in comic book history, and it is actually bringing about standing ovations in theaters. The shot from the Civil War comic book is recreated perfectly in the movie as Captain America uses his shield to protect himself from the blast of Iron Man.

There are so many more hidden jokes and Easter Eggs that comic book fans will notice, and they include:

  • The prison holding some of the Avengers is the the super-villain prison known as the Raft.
  • Vasily Karpov makes an appearance in the film, and fans will know him as the soldier that actually created the Winter Soldier in the comic books.
  • Two major antagonists are in the film as General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross is back even though the Hulk is nowhere to be found, but he is name-dropped. Helmut Zemo almost bites it in the movie, but he will be back to do much more damage in the future.
  • Black Panther's father T'Chaka ends up dying very much in the same way that he does in the Marvel comics, and that's at a political conference.
Captain America: Civil War is not only great due to the storyline, action, and overall awesomeness that comes forth from it. The Easter Eggs, inside jokes, and random references are what make the film complete. It's going to be very hard to catch them all and this list doesn't even detail all of them either, but having a reason to go see the film again is not a bad thing whatsoever.

[Image via Marvel]