Rihanna And Drake ‘Secretly Dating For Months,’ Source Reports — So Where Does That Leave Leo?

Could the rumors be true? Have Drake and Rihanna been “secretly dating for months?”

That’s what an unnamed source told People in a report released Thursday. The night before the report, Drake joined Rihanna on stage to perform their hit song “Work” in front of a sold-out crowd on Rihanna’s second night in Los Angeles for her ANTI World Tour.

After the show, Rihanna and Drake reportedly danced together all night at The Nice Guy. In fact, the People report indicated that Drake and Rihanna were “being very affectionate” toward one another.

As the People article notes, Rihanna told Ellen DeGeneres earlier this year that she isn’t seeing anyone, but the magazine’s source calls bull on Rihanna’s claims. According to the source for People, the two hip hop artists have been “purposely hiding their relationship.”

“They have been keeping it a secret because this time around, they want to do it right and keep their relationship private.”

Rihanna and Drake were rumored to have dated several years ago, but this time around Drake himself has given credibility to the rumors. In the song “Too Good” from his recently released album Views, Drake raps about Ri, saying “You cannot be right next to me, don’t you see RiRi next to me?”

Hollywood Life reports that the lyric seems to indicate that Drake and beauty from Barbados are actually a couple. The celebrity news website claims that the lyric “seemingly (shuts) down other women from having a chance with him.”

Find out more about Rihanna and Drake’s on-again off-again relationship in the video below.

Whether or not the Drake-Rihanna dating rumors turn out to be true remains to be seen, but we know this for sure: There are no shortages of Rihanna dating rumors swirling around the internet. Within the past week, the Rihanna dating rumors have also placed her in a relationship with actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Like Rihanna and Drake, Riri and Leonardo have long been romantically linked, as well. The rumors of a Rihanna-Leo hookup reignited after the pair were seen together at Coachella, and a recent encounter together at a party in Las Vegas fanned the flames.

According to reports, Rihanna was in Las Vegas for a stop on her ANTI tour when she decided to stop into the grand opening of Intrigue Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas. Eyewitness report that Rihanna arrived at about 3:25 a.m. and made her way to Leonardo DiCaprio’s VIP area, where she spent some time chatting with the actor. Eventually, the two left with their entourages — though notably, both groups left at separate times.

The recent rumors that Rihanna and Drake have been enjoying a relationship on the down low casts doubt on the Leo-Rihanna rumors, as the inside source for People insists that Drake and Riri are actually hooking up on a regular basis. Now that the word is out, perhaps Rihanna and Drake will feel more comfortable going public with their relationship — that is, if a relationship even exists.

What do you think of the news that Rihanna and Drake might be secretly dating? Do you think there’s any truth to the rumors?

Also, let us know: Would you rather see Rihanna dating Drake or Leonardo DiCaprio? Why?

Find out more about some of Rihanna and Drake’s best moments in the video below.

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