Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin, Flashing Diamond, Reunite: Fans Rush For His Sexy Styles & Coloring Book

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin once were such an item that fans even had a name for them: Jailey. They paraded their public displays of affection, went on romantic vacations, and appeared to be ready to take it to the next step. Then came reports that because of his Purpose Tour, the two had agreed to go through a cooling off period.

But that break apparently didn’t last long, because Bieber and Baldwin just reunited, according to the Daily Mail.

The signs that they’re rekindling their romance occurred when Hailey met up with the 22-year-old pop star in New York, where he remained after his performance. Baldwin, a 19-year-old model, joined him during his after-party at the Game Nightclub.

Is Justin Bieber rekindling his romance with Hailey Baldwin?
Is Justin Bieber rekindling his romance with Hailey Baldwin?[Photo by Ari Perilstein/Getty Images for Variety]

Following their party reunion, the couple returned to Hailey’s apartment. Baldwin was walking awkwardly because she hurt her leg at the Met Gala this year. Consequently, the model is forced to sport an ankle boot to protect her injury.

Along with that boot, Hailey was styling in a skin-tight mini dress. But what most noticed was that flashing diamond band on her engagement ring. Baldwin was observed flaunting a lookalike jewel last year during the time period when she and Justin were rumored to be hooking up, including the New Year, as Hailey revealed on Instagram.

Has Jailey returned? Following their partying at the nightclub, the couple headed to a black SUV to go to Hailey’s apartment. Baldwin and Bieber then were observed running into her apartment building.

As for rumors that Hailey had moved onto a mystery man at the Met Gala? No mystery there: That was her friend RJ King.

Baldwin and Justin have baffled observers by the abrupt changes in their romantic status. At one point, they even seemed to be taking their love to the next level by taking a lengthy vacation to Anguilla and St. Barts in the Caribbean with some of Bieber’s friends and family.

They even made it Instagram-official with this steamy photo.

But after making it appear official, Hailey backed off, revealing that it was challenging to survive the attention that comes with dating a pop star.

“I don’t want attention out of dating somebody. Texts started coming through, crazy phone calls…it’s hard to date somebody in this industry,” admitted Baldwin.

As for how they feel about each other? An insider told E! News that Baldwin remains close to the pop star.

“Bieber and Hailey are still close friends, but he is on tour and extremely busy now…Bieber and Hailey love each other.”

In addition, Justin has been candid about his feelings for Baldwin.

“[Hailey is] someone I really love,” he admitted. “We spend a lot of time together.”

Baldwin has described their relationship as complicated while confessing that they remain connected but not exclusive. And going beyond that?

“It’s just between me and him,” summed up Hailey.

While Jailey fans wait to see the latest episode in their romantic soap opera, Beliebers are rushing to dress like their hero.

Think Justin Bieber has style? Fans who agree are rushing to dress like him.
Think Justin Bieber has style? Fans who agree are rushing to dress like him. [Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

Merchandise connected with his Purpose World Tour gear has become so hot that fans are waiting for hours in line, according to GQ.

From graphic print T-shirts to oversized hoodies, the fashions were designed by Fear of God founder Jerry Lorenzo, who also styled many of the concert styles that Bieber sports. To dress like Justin, you’ll shell out about $120 to pull on a hoodie or $50 to slip into a T-shirt.

And for those who aren’t longing to dress like Bieber, there’s another option. Justin has climbed aboard the adult coloring book bandwagon, according to Us Weekly.

He even shared a photo of his success in coloring within the lines.

For those who want to follow his lead, the Seeing Is Beliebing: The Justin Bieber Activity Book is now available, reported Mashable.

Included are coloring pages, mazes, puzzles, and a paper doll, complete with minute Calvin Klein underwear.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]