WWE News: Update On Adam Rose’s WWE Suspension — Did WWE Reverse It After Social Media Campaign?

WWE Superstar Adam Rose was recently suspended along with fellow talent Konnor for violating WWE’s Wellness Policy after failing a drug test. This was surprising to see from known family man Rose, who had been doing better with the company as a member of the Social Outcasts as of late. While most would like to see Adam Rose go back to his Leo Kruger gimmick, the fact that he was getting camera time alone was good to see.

Rose did not take this suspension lying down. He claimed that the drug test failure was a mistake on WWE’s part, not his, and he proved as much. Rose tweeted out that he had a doctor’s note and was using prescription medication. He then posted the doctor’s note and claimed that WWE had known about the use of his medication for over a year. Rose has ADHD and was using Adderall, a known stimulant.

Here is what the doctor’s note claimed.

“I am writing this letter on behalf of Adam Rose (Ray Leppan – D.O.B. 7/20/79) whom I have treated since 4/30/15. He has basic signs and symptoms of ADHD determined through a very thorough psychiatric exam on 4/30/15. He takes Adderall XR, which is an FDA-approved treatment for ADHD, and we have followed all the standard of care protocols during his treatment, which has gone very well. He takes his medications as prescribed and he is compliant with my treatment recommendations.”

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The issue over Adderall is significant because stimulants can be mistaken for other things like cocaine and meth. WWE has a very strict policy on what drugs a talent can take. They’re even against talent taking Pseudoephedrine, an over-the-counter decongestant, without a doctor’s note. The reason is because it can be used in other things and counts as a low-dose stimulant. Drug tests do not take these medications into account once you fail.

When these issues pop up, they get reported. Of course, WWE made a mistake, and Rose proved them wrong, but did this help Adam Rose out at all? Apparently so. According to Wrestlezone, Rose deleted everything pertaining to his social media campaign regarding his drug test failure. Usually, this is done when the WWE has contact with a Superstar and tells them to remove something.

It appears that WWE may have very well reversed the suspension, especially if Adam Rose went through all the trouble to delete everything associated with the suspension. This included the doc note. All of this being said, now that the world knows he is fine, WWE cannot keep him out of action. If they do go with the reinstatement, he will get his second suspension tag removed. This means he will then only have one strike on his record like before.

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This is good news for Adam Rose. If something does happen again, it will count as a second violation and not a third. A third violation actually forces WWE to fire a Superstar, and they cannot be hired back for at least a year. WWE also offers free rehab for past and present talent who get in touch and ask for it. This was done as a courtesy for them to look good in public, but it has been a big help.

With Adam Rose proving he was wrongfully suspended, it is only a matter of time before this is lifted and he is allowed to come back to work for the WWE. It is uncertain when as of now, but WWE may make an announcement regarding it due to the fact that they do announce suspensions. It would make sense to announce that a person was suspended wrongfully.

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