Motorola Mobility Files Patent Lawsuit Against Apple, Asks For Ban On iPhone, iPad And Macs

With Motorola Mobility now under the direct control of Google, Inc. the company has filed a new patent infringement lawsuit against Apple. The lawsuit was filed with the US International Trade Commission.

In the lawsuit Motorola claims that Apple’s Siri digital assistant and various other features found on Apple devices directly violate Motorola Mobility patents. Under the lawsuit Motorola Mobility asks for the immediate ban of iPhone, iPad and Mac computers.

None of the patents are believed to be standards-essential which means they are not likely to be subject to FRAND (Fair, Reasonable, and Non-Discriminatory) guidelines. Motorola specifically attacks Apple over location reminders, email notification, and phone/video players.

Motorola executives claim that they have tried to work with Apple to resolve the issue but have been ignored and met with an unwillingness by Apple to work out licensing issues. Apple counters that claim with a USITC filing in which the company claims Motorola Mobility is making unreasonable demands with high licensing fees.

No hearing dates regarding the filing have been announced and specific details have not been revealed.

Apple has been on the offensive against mobile manufacturers for the last several years but has recently been met with an increasing number of patent lawsuits that have largely placed Apple on the defensive against Google Android phone manufacturers.

Apple’s strategy has at least in part backfired, in April the International Trade Commission ruled that the world’s largest tech firm had infringed on four Motorola Wi-Fi implementation methods.

Do you think Apple will be met with an increasing number of patent infringements as software and hardware company’s align against the tech company?