Is Kylie Jenner The Next Marilyn Monroe?

Kylie Jenner was recently featured on the cover of Glamour, and inside the magazine, Ms. Jenner participated in a frank interview in which she shared her thoughts on feminism, her growing wealth, and how she sees her future unfolding, but is anyone really listening? According to Botched doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif, fans are doing more than listening to Kylie. So many people want to be like Jenner, say the doctors, that she’s now as influential as Marilyn Monroe.

Kylie Jenner Inspires Comparisons To Marilyn Monroe

Dubrow and Nassif are in agreement on the subject of Kylie Jenner’s influence on the public and how closely Kylie rivals the impact Marilyn Monroe had on the society of her time. The Botched doctors say that anything Jenner does becomes the next big thing with Kylie’s fans among the first to try to mimic their idol as closely as possible.

“The only thing that we hear now is Kylie Jenner’s lips,” Paul reveals.

While there are certainly other stars influencing the trends, such as patients hoping to have their breasts modeled after those of Katy Perry or Scarlett Johansson, much of what the doctors hear seems to come from Ms. Jenner’s fans.

“I’m gonna say Kylie, to me she’s the new Marilyn Monroe,” Terry says. “She is the needle mover of plastic surgery, if she does something, it becomes the new thing.”

Even the doctors themselves are counted as fans of Kylie’s looks, preferring the fullness of her lips to the lips of both Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts.

Kylie Jenner Shares Her Thoughts On Money, Feminism, And The Future

Kylie is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to her social media influence, and she’s expected to surpass her sisters in that area by 2017 with a new Snapchat channel coming sometime this year to add to her online reach. In that light, Kylie may soon be the most prominent name in both the Kardashian and Jenner families. As such, Jenner seems to understand something that her sisters haven’t really embraced and that is that one’s celebrity status should stand for something and be used to bring about some kind of beneficial change in society.

“I do consider myself a feminist,” Jenner says. “I’m a young woman, for one thing, and I don’t depend on a man or anybody else. I make my own money and start my own businesses, and I feel like I’m an inspiration for a lot of young girls who want to stand on their own.”

For those assuming that Kylie is still relying on her family and therefore has little to say about influencing others, she wants everyone to know that she’s been completely independent for over five years. Jenner says she pays for everything with her own money, and whether she’s buying a home, a car, or clothing, she’s cautious with her expenditures and keeps track of everything.

On her future, Kylie recognizes that her celebrity status won’t last forever, and Ms. Jenner surprisingly reveals that she wouldn’t want it to last through her entire life. Instead, Jenner says she wants to step back at some point and simply concentrate on her cosmetics business.

“I only show people what I want them to see,” Kylie Jenner says. “And in time, I think I’ll just slowly start moving behind the scenes. The show has to end eventually, and I’m not going to leave until we’re done with it, but by 20 I want to have the whole of my cosmetics line out because that’s my primary focus. I definitely won’t want to be doing anything else that would make me more public.”

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