Rihanna Stalker Spent 277 Days Behind Bars

Zentil Vanzellas was convicted of stalking pop singer Rihanna in 2010 and proceeded to spend 277 days behind bars. The man had shown up at RiRi’s house in Los Angeles before he was arrested, tried and convicted. Vanzellas pled no contest to Rihanna’s accusations of harassment.

At the time of the no contest plea a judge found Vanzellas to be a “credible threat” who gave Rihanna reason to be scared.

The 26-year-old man was sentenced to 365 days in L.A. County Jail but was released in June after spending 277 days behind bars.

Rihanna now has a 500-yards restraining order against the stalker for the next 10 years. Zentil in the meantime must spend the next three years on probation.

While Vanzellas is still living in the same city as the woman he once stalked he has since said he is “sorry” for any fear his actions caused. The stalker also promised to stay away from Rihanna, although we can only take him at his creepy stalker word.

Rihanna has not yet talked about the issue, although give how much she loves to defend the men who make her life a living hell I wouldn’t be surprised if she publicly forgives Vanzellas in the future.

Some industry insiders have claimed that Rihanna’s strange behavior recently has come about as she begins to rip apart at the seams, a fact that will likely be compounded by the release of a man she once believed would try to kill her.

RiRi just has no luck at all when it comes to men.